October 2013

October 28, 2013

FX Bobcat .22 Squirrel Smackin’

I set out to film a new shooting tutorial.  But, the noise of the harvest put the screws to that idea.  In speaking with the landowner, I found out that the squirrel population had gotten out of hand, and that the little buggers were now making trouble over at the grain bins.  Of course, they were helping themselves to as much corn as they could get in their mouths.  However, the bigger problem was that they were caching the corn (as well as walnuts) within the mechanics and electrical systems.  So, I opted for “plan b”….time to hunt down the trouble-makers.



October 19, 2013

FX Boss shooting arrow (bolt/dart) @ 50 Yards

I spent yesterday learning my FX Boss with the arrow assembly.  I sighted it in at 25 yards and worked out the holdover on distances from 10-60 yards.  Full video is on the way.  I simply couldn’t wait to give you guys a peak at this thing.  :)

boss arrow crop


October 13, 2013

My Trip to Vortex Optics (Middleton, Wisconsin USA)

My quest for the “Perfect” Airgun Scope has taken me to Vortex Optics.  Well, in truth, my quest took me to the Internet, and low and behold I was SHOCKED that the maker of the XLR reticle (one of my favorite discoveries from my searches) practically resides right in my back yard.  [Read on]


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