New FX Bullpups and FT Models!!!

Mar 1, 2013

More information and photos are arriving. Here are FX’s official images of their new guns. If you click these, it will bring up a very high resolution photo.

As you can see from the third photo the “Bobcat” and “Indy” are regulated (this was a question that I received about 20 times since the initial post). It also has the same power adjuster seen on other regulated FX guns.

Bobcat (3.2kg, 74cm)

Bobcat 640

Indy (3.5kg, 74cm)


Manometer and Power Adjuster

Mano 640


Ftm 640


Feb 27, 2013

Fredrik just sent me these pictures from his phone. These are the new models being released by FX, and I am about to lose my mind with excitement. Seriously, I can NOT type this fast enough; so if there are grammatical errors, deal with it! ;) Fred did not send detailed descriptions, but he did mention that the bullpups are available in .17, .22, .25, and .30 cal. You can see that they are multishot, using the standard FX side-lever action.

This is the FX “Bobcat” bullpup (350cc air reservoir).

bobcat left

bobcat righto

And, gaze your eyes on this!!! It is the FX Indy Extreme. A PUMP, ARROW-SHOOTING, Bullpup!!! Obviously, it will shoot pellets as well, with a barrel swap (like the Verminator Extreme).


Indy Extreme


bobcat right

And, finally here are FX’s new FT models, the “FT” (top) and the “FTM” (bottom)

ft and ftm

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