March 2013

March 29, 2013

G5 Small Game Head

The other day, I placed a less-than-perfect shot on a rabbit using a Verminator arrow with a standard (practice) tip.  The shot was lethal, having clipped a major blood vessel.  But, it did not kill instantly.  The rabbit didn’t squeal or go running off.  It simply took a little longer to die than I would have liked.

So, I took it upon myself to acquire a more lethal, more forgiving arrow tip – the G5 Small Game Head (SGH).  And, I can tell you that these things are off-the-charts deadly.  The rabbit below was an instant kill – the brain was completely destroyed.   I have edited the photo below because it is not for the squeamish.  WARNING – if you click the photo, you will see the UNEDITED version.  

rabbit edit


March 27, 2013

FX Verminator Arrow takes first rabbit

I have been crushing rabbits with the Verminator arrows for a couple months.  Today, I finally captured a kill on camera.  It’s not easy – rabbits in my area always seem to be on the move. This guy was hunkered down, hiding underneath a sailboat (of all things).  So, I was able to point the slow-mo camera at him.  The video was 100% awesomeness, and I’m dying to show you guys.  But, a couple other vids must come first.  

What I can tell you is that the shot was made with the standard practice tips (because I forgot my small-game heads at home), and the kill was clean – severing several major blood vessels.  His chest cavity was completely filled.  The rabbit did the standard back-flip, and was motionless when he hit the ground.  

Now, you may ask, “Why on earth would you use the arrow assembly when pellets would offer greater range?” (and that would be a legitimate question)  Well, the answer will be shown to you in the upcoming video – complete with demonstrations.  Can you think of a scenario where arrows would be preferred to pellets/bullets? 

arrow rabbit


March 26, 2013

Back home from Spearfishing Cozumel

I’m back home.  I hate disappearing for long periods of time without any notice. But, announcing to the world that you are going on vacation is a great way to get yourself robbed. ;) 
Anyway – I was in Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. The trip was great, but my camera died, so there will not be a spearfishing video for this trip. Up next will be a re-edited version of my chipmunk smackin’ vid (with updated commentary). It was nixed by Youtube around 6 months ago.

la foto


March 22, 2013

Hunting Video Library Created

Hunting Videos have been organized and added.  You can find them by navigating to the video link, or just click on the photo.  In the coming weeks, I will be uploading re-edited “classics” that were rejected by the Youtube content police.  So, you guys that keep bugging me about the Chipmunk video will soon be able to sleep soundly. ;)  And, if you are looking for the spearfishing videos, they will have their own library (coming soon).  



March 17, 2013

Slingshot Channel takes a close look at the FX “Indy”

A viewer of my blog named Edgar, who may be even more obsessed with air rifles than I am ;), pointed out that Joerg (the slingshot guy) posted a video on his channel that shows the Indy even better than the previously posted photo. The video was taken at IWA in Germany. Joerg is an interesting guy and he showcases some of the wildest and least mainstream weapons, so feel free to watch the entire video. But if you only want to see the FX Indy, jump to 3:50.


March 15, 2013

FX Indy also shoots arrows

No, it does NOT fire all three arrows at once.  :)

I know the blog has been “all about FX” lately.  But, until I get one of these in my hands, I will continue to scour the Internet for any scrap of  information I can find.  Here is the latest – removable arrow holders.  One on each side.  If they don’t get in the way, they will be a welcome addition.  As an owner of a Verminator Extreme, I can say that a concern was always where to keep the spare arrows.  I either put them in my back pocket, or in the side pocket of my field trousers.  But, I always worried about breaking them.  I was actually in the process of designing my own mounted quiver.  It is completely different from FX’s design, and admittedly not as elegant.  I still intend to complete my own.  But, it is my hope that these holders will fit to my Verminator.  I think the holders fit to the dovetail rail – but, I can not be sure. 



March 8, 2013

Re: FX Bullpups – Rail Support and Cheek Rest

I have a couple more photos, shedding some light on the design of the new FX bullpups.  Upon seeing the first photos, the forums lit up with speculation re: the support of the scope rail.  Well, it seems that FX had addressed this all along – we just couldn’t see it.  The support of that rail is built into the shroud via a reinforce ring that secures itself internally.  I’m having a tough time coming up with the proper verbage, so just have a look at the photo and see for yourself. 

Rail Support

I do not think this support is meant to act as a “rail substitute”.  Rather, it is there as a safe-guard against serious bumps – sort of like the way a barrel band protects a floated barrel.  The support would prevent vibration and help protect against impacts.  This is just my speculation, mind you.  These photos were not accompanied by any descriptions.  Maybe that shroud is a beast, and actually does bear weight.  Full details are still unclear.

What is a little more clear is the cheek rest FX has included with these guns.  It slides directly on to the rear dovetail rail.


I was wondering what that rear rail was doing there (as it is way too far back to be used to mount a scope), and had assumed it existed simply because FX had built this new gun using many parts from other FX models.  Whether or not that is true has no bearing on the fact that FX has found a way make use of that rail and keep us northern boys from freezing our cheeks to the action.  :)

…………… ..flip cheekpiece

Sooner or later one of us will get our hands on one of these.  Word has it that the two bullpups and the new FTM travel to IWA in Germany.  Hopefully, someone with an inquiring mind visits the FX booth; camera in hand.Mar 1, 2013


March 3, 2013

FX Announces Bullpup Models in 4 calibers (.177, .22 .25, .30)

This is the FX “Bobcat” bullpup (350cc air reservoir).

bobcat left

bobcat righto

And, gaze your eyes on this!!! It is the FX Indy Extreme. A PUMP, ARROW-SHOOTING, Bullpup!!! Obviously, it will shoot pellets as well, with a barrel swap (like the Verminator Extreme).


Indy Extreme


bobcat right

And, finally here are FX’s new FT models, the “FT” (top) and the “FTM” (bottom)

ft and ftm

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