February 2013

Feb 18, 2013

Predator Polymags .25 – My Matador R3 Loves ‘Em

matador done

Before hitting the woods in search of more food for my freezer, I decided to swing by the range to make sure the Matador .25 was shooting strait.  On a whim, I decided to give Predator Polymags a shot.  I have tried .22 cal Predators in many rifles, with very limited success (only the Marauder .22 Pistol yielded acceptable results).  But, I had read that the .25 Predators were a different animal.  Still – I was skeptical.  So, as pellet stacked on pellet at 50 yards, you can imagine how I was preparing myself for the crazy flyers to crush my hopes.

But, the flyers did not come.  After shooting five, 5-shot groups, the average group was under a half inch.  And, what’s more is that the groups were shot off the flimsy front rests provided by the shooting range (I did not come prepared to “wring out” the gun; just wanted to make sure it was ready for hunting).  So, the next step will be to see how these do at 100 yards.  But, that would have to wait….because I had a gun to review and squirrels to kill.

So, off to the woods, I went.

(The barrel on the Edgun Matador R3 is manufactured by Lothar Walther)

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