August 2013

August 22, 2013

FX Bobcat Bullpup – Full Review

A lot of folks are already wondering if my Edgun Matador will likely take a back seat to this new bullpup.  And, the honest answer is “Yes”…[Read On]

bobcat cover sized 640


August 12, 2013

Atlas Bipod mounted to new FX Bullpups

Well, it’s on there!  It only took 10 minutes and a dremmel.  Am I satisfied with this setup?  Time will tell.  I still think there are much better ways to do this.  But, for now, I’m just happy to have the guns set up the way I prefer.  Sorry for the lousy photos.  It was well past dark when I finished this project, and my camera is less than spectacular in low light.  [Read On]

FX Indy Atlas Bipod Installed1


August 8, 2013

FX Bobcat and Indy Bullpups Arrive!

Well, they are finally here. Feels like I’ve been waiting a half a year. Oh wait – I have been waiting a half a year. :)  Now bear in mind, I have not put any lead through either gun yet. I’ll get to that this weekend. But, the anticipation for these rifles has been so significant that I had to post something. If nothing else, at least some photos.  [Read On]

FX Indy Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20x


August 3, 2013

FX Boss .30 Crushing House Sparrows

My first day out with my FX Boss .30 PCP Air Rifle. The gun severely out-shot me on this day. In fact, one might say I brought shame to the FX name – hahaha.

A year ago, I would never have taken out a ‘big bore’ rifle to do some simple pest bird smackin’.  This isn’t because I think the power is overkill (no such thing?), but rather because I thought of big bore air rifles as having very few shots and being very LOUD.  Gone are those concerns with the FX Boss.  Other than the fact that the pellets are a bit pricey ($15-20 for 150), there isn’t much difference between firing a .22 FX Royale 400 and a .30 FX Boss.  To me, that is progress!  [Read On]

venebles cover final crosshairs

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