April 2013

April 25, 2013

Arrow Gun Rabbit Smackin’

When the threat of ricochet is too high, I reach for my arrows. Practical range for the FX Verminator Extreme arrow assembly is 30 yards or less. But, when you are hunting down urban rabbits, that is plenty of reach.

XX rabit


April 8, 2013

FX Verminator Family FunShoot

The winds were gusting and cold this Thanksgiving. But, it didn’t stop me and my family from having a bit of fun. A full belly of turkey and pie goes a long way to keep your spirit up. I zeroed the gun in at 30 yards; compensating for around 20mph (9m/s) of wind. Further distances and changes in wind speed needed to be compensated by the shooter.

The rules are simple. One dollar to enter. Stay in the green target, or you are eliminated from the competition. The first round was shot at 30 yards. The 2nd at 35 yards. And the 3rd round was a sudden death – closest arrow takes all.

I have a hunch this could become a family tradition. Had the weather been nicer, I know the contestant pool would have been at least twice as large.

FX Verminator MK2 Extreme: http://www.fxairguns.com/rifle/the-verminator-mkll-extreme/
Where to buy it (U.S.): http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FXVerminatorExtreme.html



April 3, 2013

Like a Boss!

My FX Boss .30 has arrived!  This thing shot lights out at the Extreme Benchrest Challenge last November.  I did a quick blurb on the gun when I was there, but did not get a chance to really tear into it.  But, the thing is, I really didn’t have to.  Other than a bit more recoil, this thing feels and acts just like an FX 500/400.  

However, unlike the 500/400, this one has a removable barrel; meaning I can rig this thing up to shoot arrows just like the Verminator Extreme MK2.  For reference, the Verminator produces around 35fpe; this Boss produces more than double that.  So, I am now dreaming of 50-yard arrow shots.  :)  




April 1, 2013

Edit: Thanks for the fun Guys.  Of course, I’m not going anywhere.
Happy April Fools Day. :)  Ted.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this message.  I am officially retiring my Youtube channel and website due to all the negativity I continue to receive from animal rights activists.  I know I seem like a happy guy, but I cry myself to sleep every night; wondering why PETA members are so mean to me.  It’s not like I make videos of me eating kittens (I only eat kittens off-camera).  Yet, they continually call me names and insist that I do inappropriate and illegal acts with my own mother.  

So, I must go.  Thank you for all your support over the years.  If you want to find me, I’ll be on the Sea Shepherd.  Warmest Regards, Ted.

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April Fools Day


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