Daystate Wolverine B .22 (FAC)

Here’s something you weren’t expecting when you visited my blog – an UPDATE!  Hallelujah!  Yeah, sorry for that.  If you lived in Wisconsin, you would agree with me that summer time is NO time to be sitting inside updating websites and editing video.  But, today is the first rainy day in weeks, hence a small blurb on a new gun that I am liking…..well…..even more than I thought I would.  The Wolverine B (USA version) has undergone some serious upgrades since the last time I saw one at Extreme Benchrest last November – the 470cc carbon fiber bottle (the same bottle that was shown on the Wolverine HiLite at the IWA show), the Hugget moderator, and a new stock.  

Daystae Wolverine B .22 5

These are not trivial upgrades.  The carbon bottle knocks more than a pound (.5 kg) off the total weight, and what’s more is that it removes that weight in the absolute best place possible – the front of the gun.  This completely changes the handling of this thing.  Daystate’s “bottle guns” had always been pretty much designated to the bench.  The 500cc steel tanks just made them too darn heavy for most shooters to tote around for an afternoon.  Their lighter MK4 and Huntsman were the guns you wanted to sling over your shoulder.  No more!  I’m telling you, this gun is a ‘walker’.  At only 7 lbs, it handles like a carbine.  What I do not know is if the carbon bottle is standard on the USA version.  I do not think it is.  So, if you plan to order one of these, make sure to ask questions.

Daystae Wolverine B .22 2

But, what I know IS standard on all USA models of the Wolverine B is the Huggett moderator.  Fantastic!  They realized that nearly everyone who bought an Air Wolf or Air Ranger was biting the bullet and spending the extra $400 on replacing their (thin, short, and largely ineffective) Daystate shroud with a full-length Huggett.  Well, it seems that they found a way to keep costs down by keeping the Daystate portion of the shroud, and then adding the Huggett silencer to the end.  The upside is as I mentioned – costs were kept down.  The downside is that in order to legally import the gun into the US, they needed to “secure” (epoxy) that silencer permanently to the shroud.  This is unfortunate, because it would be nice to remove that silencer (extra length) if the situation warranted it.  But I suppose, if you are resourceful you may be able to find a way to separate the two.

Daystae Wolverine B .22 4

The stock is also the same that was seen on the HiLite at IWA.  I hope this is the “official” new Daystate stock for all Wolverines and Air Wolfs because I love it.  The removal of material from the middle of the stock, coupled with the added stipuling seriously improves handling.  It likely knocked a couple more ounces off the gun, but more importantly it gives a rock-solid grip (something the previous stock lacked).  You can easily one-hand this thing when you pick it up.

Daystae Wolverine B .22 3

Finally, the accuracy.  After using one of the five (1-inch; 25mm) orange stickers to get my Vortex 6-24 HSLR zeroed at 50 yards, I proceeded to shoot four, 5-shot groups using 18.1 JSB pellets (from the tin – no sorting).  Wind was 0-5 mph left to right.  Now this is the kind of target that can bring a warm feeling to anyone’s belly.  What made this better was that there were two guys next to me at the range, shooting Anshutz .22lr target rifles, and my airgun (out of the box) edged out their golden guns.  :)  The 5-shot group on the top target was the best of everyone.

Daystae Wolverine B .22 accuracy

More details will be available in the upcoming video review.  I need to shoot this thing a lot more, and find something I don’t like about it so I can stop sounding like a “yes man” for Daystate.  :)

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Gun: Daystate Wolverine B .22 
Scope: Vortex Viper HSLR
Mounts: Sportsmatch High rings
Pellets: JSB .22 18.1 grain


66 Responses to “Daystate Wolverine B .22 (FAC)”

  1. airgunmonkee says:

    That is awesome

  2. airgunmonkee says:

    I definitely won’t one of those

  3. Ted Ted says:

    Hmmmm….. Comments spontaneously started working again. I have no idea what is going on.

    • Christian says:

      Hey ted I was wanting to buy a fx bobcat but was also interested in the fx revolution which one is better to you and how do you fill your carbon fiber tank if you don’t have a local dive shop

    • bwnj42 says:

      yo mr.ted,,on a scale of 1 to 10 where would you rate the M-ROD-2 .25 CALIBER out to 75 yd.s against all other pcp’s?? “other then the obvious more shots per fill”. I had inquired about getting the new fx bobcat, and im glad I held off instead I purchased another m-rod .25 after passing the 5000 shot count threw my original..And I must say after realizing I don’t have a purpose for a 75+ yd. gun. especially for the price tag $2200+, once again the extra shots would be awesome. I’LL have one soon enough, but I’m here to tell ya the BENJAMIN MARAUDER .25 is one sweet above average in ACCURACY, and all other phases of a gun. I thank you once again for if it wasn’t for your video’s I’d probably still be shooting springers..


    Did you let the “anshutists” try their hand with the Daystate to see if maybe it was the shooter?
    I left you some coments at two of your youtube videos [ (1)pellet wobble and, (2)can birds see bullets.]I didn’t realize at the time you had long since left those in your wake.
    Thanks for being “real”, for your humor, and your intense attention to detail that matters.

  5. Jack123456 says:

    Surprised the rapid never did the carbon bottles

  6. olepa says:

    nice real nice

  7. rctrue says:

    Looks like your enjoying a little LAKE time. After last winter, we all need some of that. Can’t wait to see the Bullpup Mania review.

  8. ejc1970 says:

    Beautiful rifle!
    Would be nice to not see label on the bottle though.
    Speaking of the bottle, does the carbon fiber bottle have a set lifespan As with carbon fiber scuba tanks 15 year life?
    Where I work we have about 6 carbon fiber tanks about to expire and have not been refilled more than a handful of times!
    Shame they must be destroyed!!!

    • Ted Ted says:

      I agree re: the text/labeling on the bottle. I asked about that at IWA. Turns out that laws require that information to be displayed by the seller. I suspect many owners will color dip it.

    • greasemonkey88 says:

      Most carbon fiber bottles are 5 years but they can be hydrotested and be put back into service. Federal DOT requires labeling the bottle with serial and hydro test date on the bottle.

  9. freddie cisneros freddie cisneros says:

    Ted, Is the bottle removable?

    • Ted Ted says:

      No Freddie. It does not unscrew like FX bottles. That sucker is fixed on there, and will only come off if the gun is depressurized.

  10. elisha says:

    Hallelujah! finally, lol looks good i cant wait to see the bulpup review,,,,

    i like the bobcats if i ever get any money im gonan get the 25 cal bobcat

  11. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey Ted, I see comments are working again. I ordered a Benjamin Trail .22 all weather and 2 tins of ultra magnum pellets. I just wanted to know if u had any tips for getting it to shoot straight……..And if I ever get enough money to buy one of those bullpups I am buying the FX Bobcat .25, after seeing what it does to pigeons:)

    • Ted Ted says:

      My trail likes “hard” pellets (Crosman, Beeman, H&N). Crosman premiers performed the best. JSB’s were hopeless (lead is too soft).

  12. AirgunHunter says:

    Wow I was expecting it to be much more(not like 2k isn’t alot)but the wolverine .303 is like a full thousand more!Hey you even get a free baseball bat so you can dispatch your kill LOL.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yes, that price disparity is interesting. I suspect it exists due to the costs of the valving and barrel. So few assemblages are made for the .303 compared to the .22 that it must drive up the price.

      And I saw that baseball bat promo. Sooooo, if the first shot doesn’t do the trick….play ball? :)

  13. matlip matlip says:

    I still think you’ll have a hard job to produce a better rifle overall than the Bobcat.

  14. James James says:

    I’d also like to know if the carbon fiber tank has a designated lifespan and where is a shot string!? Come on Ted us data junkies need our fix too. (Judging by groups the valve keeps consistent velocity… Shots per fill? A lot!)

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yep – this tank (like all carbon tanks) has an official “lifespan”. I think it is 10 or 15 years – don’t quote me on that. “Officially”, the steel tanks have a lifespan, as well. But, I think it is 15-20 years. No one talks about it because no one thinks 20 years down the road. :) The law dictates that all bottles/cylinders need to be replaced at some point. Shots per fill is around 60 for competition and 80 for hunting.

  15. arcticpcp says:

    Hi Ted,

    Do you have any experience with the Rapid Air HM1000X?

    • Ted Ted says:

      My experience is limited. I shot one at Extreme Benchrest last year. Nice guns. Long. Heavy. Accurate. Nice trigger. What you’d expect for a Rapid.

  16. Christian says:

    Hey ted how do you fill your tanks without a local dive shop

    • Ted Ted says:

      This is how:

      Well, that is my compressor. I have had it nearly a year, and can’t ever see going without it ever again. The market is starting to open up a bit. For a long time, the only compressors available were “industrial”. Then, the shoebox came along….and now, there are many others in the ring. I have been very happy with my raptor/omega.

      • zarieth says:

        I am thinking of buying an FX Bobcat .25 but don’t really want to buy a compressor. I believe you mentioned in a previous video that regulated you can fill them to 250 bar. Is this possible with an FX 4 stage pump or will I be forced to save up more to buy a compressor?

  17. garneaux says:

    Ted I appreciate your comments in the video regarding using a 12 ft lb gun to improve one’s understanding of what it takes to bring something down humanely. Even with our much higher energy guns shot placement is critical, but in my opinion precision is what makes air guns so appealing. Keep up the great work and enjoy your summer!

  18. hoppy says:

    hey christian…i have a new fx bobcat im looking to sell…if interested write me a note at…love the gun…shoots nice…looking at something different…this fx has all the accessories…pump…fx scope…silencer…i have put around 100 shots thru it…can email you pics of the targets. have over 3 grand tied up…make me an offer i cant refuse…or anyone else thats interested for that matter…by the way Ted…you got me hooked on this stuff…back to shooting like when a kid…thanks

  19. Christian says:

    Hey ted I was wanting to purchase a bobcat 25 but I have to order them since I can’t buy them here where do you buy them and what pellet do you recommended.

  20. Christian says:

    Hey ted what pellet do you recommend for the fx bobcat 25 and where do you buy it

  21. hoppy says:

    by the way Ted…been watching all your videos…i enjoyed every one…learned alot…as a kid i had a 22 cal crossman…and about 20 yrs ago or better…i bought a beeman R1…still have that too…they was still made in germany back then…sure do love this fx tho…you did that to me…lol…just i got my eye on something else…my heart wont be broken if it doesnt sell…lol…built me a shooting bench and was getting .5-.75 groups at 50 yards…the R1 gets about .25 groups at that distance…studying you on that wind doping…hope to catch up with you on the doping someday…love those shots you take across that windy farm…i know you have to be super busy but i must admit im waiting anxiously for more videos…lol…take care my friend

  22. hoppy says:

    hey christian…the fx i have is in 22 i picked that so i would never have to look hard for ammo…im using what AOA recomended…the exact jumbo heavy 18.13 gr

  23. hoppy says:

    jbs match diablo

  24. hoppy says:

    christian…left a comment for you on here but it says its awaiting moderation…probably because i put my email addy in it

  25. Christian says:

    Hoppy what gun do you have

  26. hoppy says:

    fx bobcat in 22

  27. hoppy says:

    fx scope…fx moderator…fx pump

  28. elisha says:

    HEY guys i realy need some help i bought my first springer back in last winter the pellest it came with was crosman preimer domes i cant get them to shoot worthe a hoot does anyone know what pellet will shoot good in this gun i dont realy want to buy 5 milion cans of pellets before i find the right one it is 1.77 caliber

    thanks ,

    • chsnnstrong says:

      Hey Elisha, back when me and my dad had a phantom it shot Crosman Premier Hollow Points really well.

    • airgunaddict says:

      My springer likes the rws domes field line extra’s and there hollow points.

  29. hoppy says:

    first try cleaning your barrel…i have a beeman R1 barrel cocker that likes silver jets…dont think that style is available anymore but they still make a pointed pellet…which gun did you buy?

    • elisha says:

      oops i didnt say what gun i had im loosing my mind lol

      i have a crosman phantom springer the barrel has been cleaned i got it slick and shiny inside and out ,

  30. travels4fun says:


    In your write up, you mentioned that you didn’t know if the carbon fiber bottle was standard or an extra cost option for the Wolverine B.

    I just checked Precision Airguns and Supplies and as you suspected, the carbon fiber bottle is an added cost and only comes with the Wolverine B BiLite. The Wolverine B HiLite is only available in .22 caliber and costs an additional $104 over the standard Wolverine B.

    Along with the lighter carbon fiber bottle, the Wolverine B HiLite has the updated stock with stipuling just like the one you reviewed. As for weight, that’s a bit fuzzy, From what I could find, it looks to be 1.4 lbs lighter than the standard .22 Wolverine B.

    Wolverine B is currently $1995 (.177 or .22)
    – 400cc metal bottle (.177) / 500cc bottle (.22)
    – Smooth Stock (no stipuling)
    – Huggett Shroud included
    – 8.8 lbs

    Wolverine B HiLite is currently $2099 (.22 only)
    – New stock with stipuling
    – 500cc carbon fiber bottle
    – Huggett Shroud included
    – 7.4 lbs

    So for an extra $104 you get the new Wolverine B HiLite just like the one shown in your review.

  31. Christian says:

    Ted or anybody where do you buy an edgun matador I went to te website but can’t figure it out will someone please help me

  32. rpugh says:

    I have this gun. It is great with the JSB 18.1 but, mine is a total laser with H&N Baracuda Match 21.14 and with an average of 860fps.

  33. matlip matlip says:

    Pause for thought….

    Hey guys, for all of you who are unsure about what air rifle to buy and who have a decent budget. Ask yourself, why you are on this website and what does Mr Ted shoot on a daily basis? With Ted’s vast experience and knowledge on the subject and he comes across as unbiased, I think the answer is obvious, don’t you?

  34. jtlittle says:

    My wolverine B SE is in the air. Can not wait as it will be my first pcp daystate!

  35. brwndg brwndg says:

    Trying to decide if I will get the Wolverine B HiLite or the FX 400 (in .22)
    Gonna put a Hawke 3x9x40 Airmax on it.

    I think it’s a no brainer……Wolverine!

  36. brwndg brwndg says:

    Matlip, I am not as concerned w looks (but i do favor the Daystate in that aspect). I am looking for a hunting rifle first and foremost. I have not shot either yet

  37. boss71 says:

    I have wolverine .303, bobcat.30 & Boss.30,
    without a doubt the Boss is the most amazing one of the 3. bobcat 2nd then wolverine. the .303 is one powerful gun and took several squirrels last season but it is sooo heavy and big to pack around…. squirrel season starts here on the 16th. CANT WAIT !!

  38. brwndg brwndg says:

    My mind is a blur! Spent most of last evening & today broadening my knowledge base & have changed my thought process dramatically.
    Down to two guns:
    FX Royale 400 or the FX Gladiator MKII

    Someone help me decide! Such a horrible predicament :)

  39. brwndg brwndg says:

    Going w the Royale 400. Now do I get walnut or synthetic stock????

  40. matlip matlip says:

    Well done, you won’t regret it. I have synthetic on my Boss, very durable.

  41. brwndg brwndg says:

    FX Rodale 400…..regulated or not?

  42. matlip matlip says:

    Without a doubt one of FX Flagship! Fredrik Axelsson spent two years in developing and testing the Royale breech block and valve system before it was put into production. Incorporated into the new breech block is a super smooth and effortless side lever. Cocking system and spring tensioned magazine. Adjustable match-grade trigger for crisp, precise release of the shot and a 3-step patented power adjuster that allows for super-fast selection of the required power level. The power adjuster will also repeat itself with absolute precision. The 400 cc air supply provides many super accurate shots from the Smooth-twist barrel. The Royale 400 is a lightweight super gun. Quiet in report with the included suppression system. A regulator can be added for an additional charge to give more consistent shots per fill but is not required. Recoil free.

  43. jstress jstress says:

    Anyone know any thing about the FX Royal FTM? Same guts I think so should be as accurate or better than the 400 or the Bobcat. I never hear anything about these guns?

  44. jstress jstress says:

    Hope one is .30 cal!

  45. matlip matlip says:

    I have a .30 Boss. Been shooting airguns for 35 years and have never shot anything so powerful/accurate until now.

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