Bullpup Mania!!!

I love bullpups, and everybody knows it.  So, it’s no surprise that over the past three years, I have gotten more emails than I can count, asking the question:  “how does bullpup A compare to bullpup B”.  And, my answer to most of these inquiries was “I don’t know.”  The only two guns that I am intimately familiar with are the Edgun Matador and FX Bobcat.  So, I made my case to three US distributors, and I now have what I need to answer you guys.  

From Mrodair comes the SnowPeak P-12.  From Pyramydair comes the Evanix Max ML.  From Airguns of Arizona comes the Kalibr Cricket.  And, I own the FX Bobcats and Edgun Matador.

So… the reason for my month-long absence?  I have been shooting the heck out of all of these guns.  My first priority was to master the new ones.  Mind you, there is going to be bias in this review.  There has to be.  I have hours (days?, weeks!?, months!?!) more trigger time with the Edgun Matador than any other gun.  And, I have 6+ months shooting the FX Bobcat.  So, it stands to reason that I will be most comfortable shooting those two.  But, I consider myself a pretty quick study (when it comes to PCP airguns), and in the past month I think I have learned the other three plenty good enough to make the playing field reasonably level.

And, don’t worry, I will not be making you wait for the video to get the info you want.  As I progress, I will be writing blog entries to tide you over until the BIG video is finally released (likely in July/Aug).  This video will be the most intense review I have ever done (and, likely ever do).  Six guns – six full data sets – and a complete analysis and comparison of all models.  Whew!  Lots to do! :)  The first info will likely be published next week.  It will be complete chrony strings for every gun.

For now, let’s start things off with some serious eye candy!  :)




Front to Back:  Kalibr Cricket .25, SnowPeak P-12 .22, FX Bobcat .25



Front to Back:  FX Bobcat .22, Edgun Matador .22, Evanix Max ML .25



*Reply function STILL not working.  Sorry for that.  Discussion is the purpose of this website, and I lost that feature on the last WordPress update.  Hopefully I’ll get it figured out before I’m 50.   :(


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