FX “No Limits” Scope Mounts

May 9, 2014

Every once in a while, you get your hands on a piece of gear that has the ability to instantly up your game. I have had numerous “equipment epiphanies” over the last few years…the steadypix deluxe scope-cam, the Atlas bipod, Balistol cleaning/lube solvent. These are things that I never knew I needed. And, now that I’ve used them, I can’t imagine my shooting-life without them. They are as much a part of my kit as my guns and optics.

…And, I think I found another such piece of gear: the adjustable scope mount. There are many varieties, and all can do the job. But, I’ve found these new FX mounts to be the easiest to use. They are NOT sexy. They are NOT complex. What they are is simple, solid, and not too expensive. ¬†Quality parts + a robust, strait-forward design makes these an absolute winner. They hold as well as any solid-state mounts once you’ve cranked them down. I have been “testing” them for the past two months by intentionally carrying my gun by the scope. My zero has not budged a millimeter! You’ll see these on all of my guns from here on out. They just WORK!

Target: MilTargets Reactive Popper
Gun: FX Bobcat .25
Scope: Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x
Mounts: FX “No Limits” Adjustable
Scope Level: Holland’s Signature
Bipod: Atlas
Picatinny Rail: Atlas BT17
Pellets: JSB .25 King
Scopecam Mount: Custom made prototype
Ccamera: Casio EX-ZR200

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