Hunting Pigeons from the Bathroom?


Gun: FX Bobcat .25
Scope: Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x
Mounts: FX “No Limits” Adjustable
Scope Level: Holland’s Signature
Bipod: Atlas
Picatinny Rail: Atlas BT17
Pellets: JSB .25 King
Scopecam Mount: Custom made prototype
Camera: Casio EX-ZR200
Truck: Toyota Tacoma 2009 (manual transmission)

Additional Thoughts and Ramblings (Unlisted Video)

You may not know this about me, but I am a bit of a ‘talker’.  :)  When filming, I frequently have many ‘important’ things to say – especially if it’s a slow day.  My hard drive is littered with unused soliloquies from previous videos.  But, moving forward, I will be including those bits on this website.  Each vid is 1-2 minutes, and covers something that was on my mind that day, but may not pertain directly to the main video.  Hence, it was ‘cut’.  So, enjoy these extras (or don’t).


79 Responses to “Hunting Pigeons from the Bathroom?”

  1. blackbytes says:

    Ted, do you know whether these FX adjustable mounts would clear the magazine on an fx Boss or are they not high enough?

    • Ted Ted says:

      They definitely will. They are high mounts that can adjust to ‘extra high’.

      • blackbytes says:

        Sweet, thx for the info, I’ll be ordering them from

        Perhaps another question, why aren’t you uing the boss to do your pest control? I shot the cat in 25 and the boss and decided on the boss as it’s a little bit more accurate. Downsides are the pellet drop and .. well the pellets wreck stuff easily but the buck the wind very well.
        Are you using the 25 so as to not damage buildings or is it because you like the bullpup?
        thx :)

  2. Thant says:

    You mention that the Bobcat is your top choice for a PcP air gun. Will you be doing a full review on the new version in the future? Or does it shoot roughly the same as the old body style and I should just use that as the review?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yep – the only thing about the new version that is different it the stock. In fact, my .22 Bobcat IS my ‘old’ gun, fitted to the new stock. All that said, I have not ‘officially’ reviewed the .25 Bobcat. I do have plans to do a comparison of the Bobcat, Cricket, Matador, and P12 – likely all in .22. Just waiting on the guns…

      • Thant says:

        Cool. I look forward to both the review on the .25 and the quadfecta of .22s. If you were to own just one would it be the .22 or /25 bobcat? I already have a .177 marauder for close small game so I was thinking the .25 would be a solid one to have for all ranges. Thanks for all the information and being on top of your blog. I feel as though I owe you a beer.

      • iride says:

        Big fan of your shooting Ted
        But I am going to love your test of the P12.
        AS I was saving up for a Bobcat or a cricket and got side tracked with the P12, So my deposit is down on the gun…
        Its a hurry up and wait game ,

  3. 4ndone0331 4ndone0331 says:

    GREAT VIDEO TED! I have been working on my own videos, not trying to steal any thunder or anything, just curious what video editing software you use?

    • Ted Ted says:

      I use an very old (2007?) version of Video Studio. Nothing flashy, I assure you. :) Any inexpensive video suite will do all the things you see in my videos.

  4. Chase_78 says:

    Hey Ted! I was thinking about getting a benjamin Marauder and didnt know if it would be ethical to shoot things like rabbits and squirrels at around 100 yards with the .22 caliber or if i would need to upgrade to the .25 cal. thanks and really enjoy your videos and the tutorials you give.

    • Ted Ted says:

      The .22 has the energy (approximately 12 ft lbs at 100 yards) – if you can put the pellet on its mark. None of my Marauders had the accuracy to shoot game out to 100. But, they were both (.22 an .25) very capable 70-yard guns.

  5. Mr. Cauphy says:

    Awesome work Ted that wind was treacherous.
    Oh yeah blame us for using the “lesser” scope. :) That fellow that made the scope cam is a wonder. Looking forward to the cooking footage. Watch out the hedge-creeper might be getting jealous.

    All the best chief,

    Chris L.

  6. lachy43 says:

    Great stuff ted, I would love to own a decent pcp, only have a springer and a few normal rifles, but it will cost me $1000 just for a bloody marauder, then i’ll have to wait 6 months to get rego, then the amount ill have to pay for decent scope and accesories. Because i live in bloody Australia!! Imagine if i wanted to buy a top end gun, couldn’t get it imported if i tried. Keep up the good work with the vids :)

    • DealFair says:

      Hi lachy43, Hey, don’t discount the Benjamin Discovery .22 cal. It really does provide you with great value. You’ve probably already seen Ted’s review of it; but re-watch it. I’m saving up for a .25 FX Bobcat; but having a ton of fun with my Disco while I’m doing it.

      I can pop sparrows at 80 yards now. I miss a lot too; but I continue to improve with practice. I’m really deadly at 50 yards. If you decide to get one, order a new trigger sear from AOA or watch some of the trigger improvement vids on youtube because the stock trigger really needs help. Otherwise, it is a great pcp to “get you in the game”; to quote Ted. He’s spot on here.

      Best regards & good luck to you lachy,
      Deal Fair

  7. LGM2 LGM2 says:

    Nice video, appreciate the thoughts in your min-videos too.

    Quick question, have you thought about a video comparing the balistics of .177 / .22 / .25 / .30 with regards to humane hunting of small game. You have answered the question partially in several responces (like the one above about the marauder being a 70yd in your experience).

    I know you have more videos in the que, and work and family – but you have more experience behind the trigger with a wider range of pellet sizes than most of us and I for one would appreciate your take on the best pellet (size and weight) for a given distance and a variety of small game. Knowing that it still takes the shooter to put the pellet on target for a humane kill.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

  8. ohiochuck says:

    Ted, How does the camera mount to the scope both older mount & newer one? Will the new camera mount be available?

  9. mikedoh says:

    Howdy Ted
    Your videos are always a treat and a learning experience. I would, however, appreciate a revolutionary video. Yep, one on maintenance of the Revo. Just a short one. Doesn’t need your usual polish. Something showing cleaning the return air tube and adjusting of the “pressure screws”.
    Thanks for all your videos.

  10. snipez says:

    How much does the whole bobcat setup you have cost? (scope, mounts, bipod, etc.)

    • DealFair says:

      Ditto the question for me too Ted. I’m really sold on the .25 cal. I’ve watched & re-watched your detail account about how to order one. That is, simply placing an order for a FX Bobcat will not get an airgun like yours.
      Deal Fair

  11. DealFair says:

    Ted, thanks for the training tip putting briquettes in a circle and shooting on a windy day. I’d not have thought of that. Properly doping for windage is probably the best accuracy asset a rifleman can have. I’m going to add that to my powder charged exercises also. Much fun.
    Deal Fair

  12. Fred78 Fred78 says:

    Thanks ted
    Very Nice blend of rumblîg and technique
    Thanks for the tips

  13. elisha says:

    hey ted thanks for the clip keep em coming im still breaking my springer in yet i think i about got it in
    looking forward to the summer shooting time……………

  14. VIPER251 says:

    Hey Ted I’m wondering what would be a good entry level PCP air gun. I have a Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 But it just doesn’t feel right.

  15. elisha says:

    you have to much fun ted ;)

    myabe you could teach me how to talk on cam so easy im allways about to wet my self when on cam lol
    just kidding keep the good work up …

    • Ted Ted says:

      Ha! Being comfortable on camera comes with repetition. Have a look at my earlier work if you want to see my best impression of a deer in headlights. :)

  16. BZapp72534 says:

    When and where will the no limits mounts be available? Dyin to get a set of these.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I think they will be available at AoA in the beginning of May. They are on the next FX shipment bound for the States – not sure about the rest of the world.

  17. Bigham says:

    Hey Ted I’m newish to your site but I’ve watched you videos for probaly a year now And I’ve seen all your videos at least once. Being that I am young and love to hunt and I’m not old enough to just go out with my 12 Ga I turned to air rifles a few years ago and I got a multi pump pellet gun. Now I’ve been wanting a new break barrel and I know you did the video on the trail np a while back (I watched it at least 3 times now:) and they just announced (crosman) that they coming out with the trail np 2 and I was wondering if you could get your hands on one and do a little review of it. If you could it would be so appreciated. Thanks for every thing you do.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Crosman has already told me that they’ll be happy to send one when they come out….there seems to be some delay in the launch of that gun. I think they are trying to let distributors unload their first generation guns to avoid market saturation.

  18. elisha says:

    hey bigham
    i just bought a crossman phantom break rifle and i love it … you can buy it off walmart right now for 94 $ on sale have to hurry before the price goes back to 139 $ ;)

    you get 1000 pellets and spinable targets included they are a blast to shoot just if ur wanting to save some cash
    or if your like me and dont have cash … ;)

  19. USSGuitar says:

    I’m off topic here but I’ve wanted to ask you this for awhile. I know you weren’t crazy about the Weihrauch HW100 in .177 (at least until you modified it). However, what would be your opinion about using this rifle in .22 caliber for benchrest competition? I have always been impressed with other Weihrauch products.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the HW100 for benchrest and thought I’d get your opinion. Thanks.


    • Ted Ted says:

      I think the HW100 is an AWESOME gun in .22 (30 ft/lb). You need to fill it a bit more often than other PCP’s because the air tube is a bit on the small side. But, the gun IS regulated, , the barrels are excellent, and the build is what you’d expect from Weihrauch. Their magazine system is still one of my favorites – small, simple, inexpensive, and it sits very low in the action.

  20. Bigham says:

    Thanks for the info Elisha I’ll look in to it but I really just love the looks of the trail np and I don’t have much cash like yourself so I just want to know if it was any good before I bought it and what caliber did you get the phantom in and how do you like it?

  21. Daniel0861 Daniel0861 says:

    Mr. Ted,

    Will the FX Mounts stand up to he recoil of a Springer???

    • Ted Ted says:

      I just don’t know. They sure look tough enough, but without any first-hand experience, I can’t give the green light.

    • bhbeyes bhbeyes says:

      With a springer you want a one piece mount it just holds better then a two piece.Unless its a gas spring if so then no problem.

      • Daniel0861 Daniel0861 says:

        I realize that, but two piece mounts give more flexibility when mounting your scope, and if the mounts are fully adjustable, it’s a big plus, especially when setting up your scope for HFT. I have two piece mounts on my Pro Sport mounting a Sidewinder 30 6x24x56 and they are holding well. I just wanted to know about the FX adjustable mounts in particular. Thanks for your comment, bhbeyes : )

  22. chsnnstrong says:

    Thanks for the great video Ted, looking forward to seeing your cooking video in a couple of weeks or so.

  23. merc says:

    Good shootin Ted! I like the more informative style, the dope on dopin .

    I hope the cooking video shows how you clean them as well. Do you ever eat sparrows? People used to in the 1950’s. They would catch them with mousetraps.

    Also, on the wind training with charcoal, is the charcoal lit ? haha.

  24. fugly says:

    Excellent footage as usual. Shooting from the BR you don’t have to scramble when nature calls.

  25. Aaron says:

    Can anyone tell me from personal experience which air gun is best? Ive narrowed down to the Benjamin Trail, or the Browning Leverage. I only have around 200 bucks i want knock down power, long life of the rifle, prefer. 22 cal but the most important thing to me is accuracy.

    Plz help i’m a noob.
    Thanks in advance, Aaron.

    • elisha says:

      i know my phantom does realy well it is made by crossman the only high powerd air rifle iv had it does realy well ..

    • bhbeyes bhbeyes says:

      Hello Aaron i have a crosman phantom myself .22 cal it shoot OK for a couple hundred buck gun from walmart was living with it till i found out you could replace the main spring with a nitro gas spring and wow that made a real difference….
      if your just starting out with air guns
      The Benjamin Trail has the Nitro piston so i would say get that one
      Browning Leverage is nice but its has a main spring and with that you get more vibration whats called double reverse recoil(witch all spring/gas spring power rifles have its just more in a springer)that can throw off you aim and ruin scopes.
      that’s just my experience with spring powered air rifles some peoples may be different.

      • elisha says:

        hey bhbeyes u said u replaced ur spring in ur phantom with nitro piston ? can u tell me where i can find one of them i want to do the same with my phantom but i cant seem to find it

  26. sonny says:

    Ted, Ive learned alot from your vids and site here ….Thanks

  27. Sandspike says:

    Ted, Thanks for your highly educational and fun hunting videos. By watching them over the past year, you sold me on bullpups so I converted both of my Mrods using the MDRL kits and I like them both. Easy to carry and point with no loss of accuracy or power. Only thing I find is I have to wear one ear plug on the right ear because that hammer is loud with your ear right next to it on the receiver. :)
    Thanks again Ted.

  28. Aaron says:

    Thank you very much Elisha, an bhbeyes, i actually ended up ordering the leverage i guess ill see how it does. I’ll be sure an update you two after i put a few hundred pellets through it. As far as accuracy an power. If its a bust ill be sure to send it back to pyramydair for the benjamin trail. Wish me luck should arrive tomorrow. Will keep you updated if you are interested in my finding out how well it preforms. Thanks again for your input i appreciate it!

    • bhbeyes bhbeyes says:

      That’s great you decided on something don’t forget to learn the artery hold and order a verity of pellet weights to find out what pellet weight/brand pellet you gun likes too light and you’ll consistently miss no matter how you adjust had it happen with my Dianna 34.(although its .177)
      Faster fps like heavier pellets but not too heavy.
      But some guns like anything maybe you got lucky?lol

  29. Aaron says:

    I hope so ive heard of pretty good reviews with this gun an the crossman premier hollow points so going to chck those out first. Ive heard the break in period can take 200 to 300 + shots. Should i clean the barrel b4 i ever shoot so it dont diesel on me? Or just shoot it straight out the box?

    • elisha says:

      yes the break period can take a lotta pellets before getting consistent shots i shot mine right out of the box

      but may be a good ideah to clean it first . ;)

      good luck with your gun keep us updated

  30. bhbeyes bhbeyes says:

    *artillery hold sry for spelling mistake
    Premieres are a good pellet 14.3 grains your gun might like em.
    Cleaning the barrel is always a good idea and on a new gun a good place to start but on my guns i never cleaned a barrel their probable dirty? But i can’t say its been a problem I’m Always on target maybe i don’t shoot far enough? don’t even own a Cleaning kit.With Air guns you don’t get the same corrosion as powder burners IE smoke containing corrosive nitrates,carbon sulfur etc
    however dieseling comes from oil in the piston chamber(it needs to be there with out it fps will drop and damage will result) this oil is compressed by the force of the piston and it ignites making smoke.
    i would shoot it out of the box for the break in period and re-oil it as manufacturers suggestion IE what type of oil to use this info will be in your owners manual.I’ve heard of some guys that had problems with dieseling had their gun tuned found too much spring grease in the piston area like lots. grease it is used and accepted and necessary i hear all kinds of horror stories.

    • Aaron says:

      Alrighty so i only have about 20 pellets left out of my first tin of 500. It was so frustrating trying to sight the scope throught the break in process. But now im shooting twigs at around 20+/- yards. An a 1″ target at 30yrds not too shabby ay. I did clean it lastnight it wasnt that dirty but i did notice where the seal sets against the chamber there was some gunk so i wen ahaed sprayed some gun oil an it cleaned up rite away

  31. airgunaddict says:

    hey ted, question for my school project about how many pests do you shoot per month? Math teacher said i needed data from some others.

  32. Aaron says:

    Well i poped off around 150, 200 pellets today wasnt too bad i think im going to shoot the rest of my tin before i re site it back in. Its doing well though im shooting a 1.5″ group at around 30 yards. I definitel . Need more practice with a few different ways to shoot. An suggestions on most comfortable shooting positions that i can use it the woods hunting and plinking.?

    • elisha says:

      to eb honest i just hold my gun like iw ould if i was deer hunting just pull it in youtr shoulder not realy tight though like u would a shotgun tight enought to where u wont drop it … if your int eh woods lean up agsint a tree with your shoulder to get a realy good steady shot off
      them are good groups buddy i can take a can of black beans with open sights at 30 yards with my phantom i got a scope coming though .. lot easier for small game hunting are u planing on hunting ? with it for plinking me and my dad tipcally shoot off our porch so we lean our gun on the rail and shoot . he has a ruger air hawk

      • Aaron says:

        I do plan on taking small game, which cough cough i already got a squirrel in the fridge sauteed for tomorrow. Now my brother inlaw an i are shooting at a little metal 1″ an 2″ taget at 53 yards im learning the HOLD OVER lol. I did have to tighten my stock back up after about 500 pellets i guess the vibration lossend it. I started shooting all over the place an was like wth!! Lol but its all good an broke in now.

        • elisha says:

          glad its working for ya keep us updated im on this place evry day lol never get bord watching teds movies .

          with my phantom so far iv poped 3 criters with it 2 chipmunks 1 sparrow well make it 4 criters i mean 2 sparrows 2 munks i would try to hit some rabbits but season is out for a wile so that stinks let me know how the HOLDOVER goes ;)
          i would try to learn it but im one of them ones where the head just doesnt make it to the top on some stuff ;)

          • Aaron says:

            Holdover is actually going pretty good ive been practicing hold under as well bc i have my scope zeroed at 50 yards so shooting an 20, an 30 yardd gotta hold under but at 50 an im plinking 1″ targets. Its been a good time my parents have a lil more property then where i live so i might head doen there this weekend an try 70yrds.

  33. jon says:

    Hey Ted can i use any air compressor for my hatsan at44s-10 pcp pellet gun let me know buddy

    • Ted Ted says:

      No sir. A standard air compressor only generates 100-300psi of pressure. Your gun requires 2000+psi. You need a high-pressure-air (HPA) compressor. And they are NOT cheap.

      • jon says:

        Thanks buddy for responding back to me so i just buy a pump for it then. Thanks again

  34. idrawkanji idrawkanji says:

    Thanks Ted for all the entertaining educational video’s for hunting with a pellet/bb guns. :)

    I do have a question though, what kind(s) of bb/pellet gun would be best for a farm girl to take out some barnyard pests? Such as sparrows, blackbirds, rabbits, maybe a few pigeons…

    I’m not wanting something super fancy. I just want to get the job done without hurting my bank account while I’m at it. ^^

    Thanks for all the work you put into your videos! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Ted Ted says:

      For those criteria, I would choose a Benjamin 392. It is a “pumper”, but it’s a damn good one. If pumping isn’t for you, get a Benjamin Trail. It won’t be as easy to shoot. But, it will reload much faster. Both guns shoot Crosman premier pellets very well. Most big-box stores carry the pellets and the guns. ted.

      • Aaron says:

        When’s the next gun give away?? Lol ;-)

      • idrawkanji idrawkanji says:

        Sorry for the late reply. Life gets busy. D:

        Thank you for your suggestions! Both are little out of my ballpark right now, but I’ll save up and go from there. I was considering getting a Daisy Powerline 880 (which is also a pumper), but I’ve also read not so good reviews about it as well. D:

        Thanks again for your input! I appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  35. DavidDugas DavidDugas says:

    Man, you do some great camera work for just being one guy doing work & making videos as a hobby. I saw a piece of equipment that you should take a look at while I was checking out some lenses on my favorite place to window shop for camera equipment…

    It’s called Torrey Pines’ Logic Deadeye Scope Mount for GoPro HERO3:

    When you get a chance, check out these fellas set up!

    Love your videos, and hope to see more great footage in the future!
    Good hunting, bud.

    • DealFair says:

      David, I’m going to take a look at your site suggestion.

      Like you, I’m fascinated with Ted’s videos. I’m wanting to start night “ratting” and am looking at the Nite Site NS200 as a great possibility. BUT, I’m wondering if Ted’s Casio has infrared capabilities??? I know one can modify the filters on some cameras. Any info in this regard is much appreciated.

      Cheers & happy shooting to all,

      Deal Fair

      • DavidDugas DavidDugas says:

        As a photography enthusiast, I can tell you NO standard camera offers infrared capabilities. You may find a special camera that offers it, but nothing from a standard camera offers this feature. The Nite Site is a great option. Also, there is an adapter/mount for the Sightmark Ghost Hunter 1×24 Night Vision Monocular that would do nicely. Also if you’re looking to record that footage you could utilize the iScope. It has the ability to clamp to ANY scope. Just a few ideas for inexpensive recording at night…

        Good hunting, brother.

        • DealFair says:

          OK, Thanks for that info David!! Really helps my continuing education & saves me some steps.
          Best regards,
          Deal Fair

      • DavidDugas DavidDugas says:

        Another idea to try, though I’m not sure the IR illuminator would clear your scope… which might mean you’d have to buy an additional IR illuminator…

  36. hunterhd29 hunterhd29 says:

    Hi ted. I was wondering if you were ever going to make that Blue Bird video.

    • DavidDugas DavidDugas says:

      I was looking forward to that one too! Must have been one of those days where he got straight to work and had to forget about the video!

  37. Precision says:

    Another great video! I was amazed that you could ‘read my mind’ in that I was having the problem of the camera not centering the reticle of my Sidewinder Tactical 30 in 6.5 to 20. I just assumed that the tremendous recoils of the RWS 470 TH in .22 was the culprit. I see now that a set of the rings is within reason to help with my videos. I look forward to your new offerings.

Popular gear frequently seen in my videos…
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