IWA Show 2014

As I began my walk around the beautifully well-lit and open grounds, I quickly realized that if I took a photo of every air rifle here, you would all suffer from air rifle overload.  So, I decided to make this blog post about the things that caught my eye.  Yes – this means that the post is incredibly bias.  :)  And, it goes without saying that I’m sure I missed a lot that would have interested me.  The place was huge!  Still, I hope this post remains interesting.  And if there is something I missed, say so in the comments below.  I’ll add it to the “list” of things NOT to skip next year.

In addition to these photos, I also recorded four or five videos about products that REALLY caught my interest.  Expect those in a few days.  Now, on to the photos….

Willkommen auf der IWA Show! (I hope that translated accurately)



Here we see the new Feinwerkbau sporter.  Feinwerkbau is primarily known for making 10m and biathlon pcp air rifles – costing thousands (and thousands) of dollars.







Here is Diana’s answer to the PCP Air Rifle – the P1000 ($1200 USD).  Diana is known for making quality German spring rifles.



Seen at the top of the photo is the Steyr Hunting 5, semi-automatic air rifle.  There were a lot of “suits” at the Steyr booth, and I was unable to get a representative to take the time to show me the gun.  I surmised that it was due to my less-than-business-like clothing ;).  But, they may very well have just have been too busy (all three times I stopped by – hehehe).  In any event, all I can do is show you photos of this highly anticipated gun.  






Some new hunting pellets by H&N – the Hornet.  These seem to be the answer to the new Predator Metalmag (or maybe it is vice versa).




In spite of a relatively bland presentation (booth), this little bullpup caught my eye.  It is the “Vulcan” made by Airgun Technology in the Czech Republic.  It has a 500mm, CZ barrel.  It shouldered very nicely, and the stock had comfortable, round edges everywhere you held it.  Like other bullpups, the trigger was adjustable.  But, it also felt similar to most other bullpups in that there was not a definitive first and second stage; only a long first stage.  One thing that made it stand out among the other “shorties” at IWA was the side-cocking bolt.  The forward position of the bolt made it very easy to cock while keeping your eye on target.  Price for this little gun is said to be around $1200 EU.  That equates to around $1650 USD.










This is the Ataman M12 Bullpup.  It is Russian made, using a LW barrel.  There was a huge language barrier between me and the fellas at this booth.  But, they were pleasant, patient, and did their best to answer my questions (when possible).  This company has been making guns for three years.  The M12 will cost around $2000 USD.  As with the Vulcan, this gun had a long, light first stage (and no second stage).  It is clear that the bullpup market could become flooded with new guns in the coming year, and it will be difficult for end-users to discern which is best for them.  I see the same story being played over and over…..quality engineering + LW or CZ barrel.  The only way to find out which gun is best for you will be to shoot as many as possible.  And, that will not be easy, given the price tag of these suckers.  Information on forums and Youtube will become more important than ever.






This is the Kalibr Coibri (Hummingbird).  We saw this gun at SHOT in January in black/walnut.  Here we see a different version in silver/black.  The gun feels nice to shoulder and carry.  It clearly is not designed for benchrest.  I did a short video blurb on this gun (and other Kalibr models) – coming to my Youtube channel soon.




FX Airguns had a very impressive booth – situated at the most brightly-lit wall of the entire convention center.  Their new models were scattered around, so I just took photos of everything to make sure I didn’t neglect any of the hot items.  But, despite all the sexy weaponry at this booth, the most buzz was actually surrounding the new FX “No Limits” scope mounts.  They are designed to compensate for long-range scope adjustments – with more adjustability than any other mount I have seen.  And, they are said to retail for $69.95 – a very sexy price indeed (compared to other adjustable mounts).  I did a quick blurb on these, as well.  Look to my Youtube channel in the coming days.











Here’s a perfect example of something you do not need……until you see it.  Crap, I saw it!  :)



Moving on to a familiar maker….Edgun (from Russia and Estonia).  It was the third gun down – the “Matador” – that put me on the map (or, the other way around….it depends on who you talk to).  And, from the very start, I couldn’t have made things more confusing.  You see – my name is TED.  And the owner of this company is ED (seen in the photo next to me).  In summer 2010, I purchased and Edgun Matador.  Not many people in the USA had seen this gun, and were asking me for a closer look.  So, I chose the Youtube username “EdgunUSA” with the plan of uploading 3-4 videos about the gun, and nothing more.  

But, the positive feedback I got from those early videos inspired me to make more.  And, soon these videos caught the attention of the Airgun Yellow forum owner (Steve in CT).  Steve put me in touch with Airguns of Arizona in hopes that they would send me guns to review.  AoA agreed, and in no time my channel became about a lot more than the Edgun.  But, Youtube usernames can not be changed.  So, I remained “EdgunUSA”.  I made the effort to distinguish myself from the Edgun brand by naming my channel “Ted’s HoldOver”.  But, to this day, many still think that I am Ed…and Ed is me…and the gun is made in the USA…and, I am the creator and seller of this gun….etc….etc.  Poor Ed even has Russians emailing him, asking if he is the importer of MY gun.  Hahahaha!








The stock-maker for all Edgun models was adjacent to the Edgun booth.  I instantly fell in love with this red stock.  The photos do not do it justice.  But, the 2nd photo (using the flash) does help to show why it caught my eye.  It has an metallic sheen – unlike anything I have ever seen.   The feel is identical to the rubberized (soft-touch) stock on Daystate rifles.  Ed told me that his company does not use this finish because it lacks durability.  But, he did order me one.  So, you can bet your stars I’ll show it to you guys when it arrives.  :)




What’s this?  Another bullpup!?!  Yep – they just keep coming.  This one is by Tao Brno CZ (I hadn’t heard of them either).  Their bullpup had the smallest side-lever I had ever seen.  It was about the same size as a shoestring potato – so tiny that you can not even see it in this photo.  The stock design took a page from the speargun makers – use a metal handle on a wooden stock.  I was conflicted on this gun.  One the one hand, I thought it was butt-ugly (even by bullpup standards).  On the other hand, it shouldered nicely, had a smooth trigger, and the manufacturer seemed very knowledgeable.  I would definitely need to shoot this thing before passing judgement.  If it can stack pellets at 50 yards, I would easily be able to overlook the “aesthetic issues.”  :)




There is a Chinese bullpup called the P12 about to hit the market.  It has been getting a lot of buzz on the forums for the past few months.  The manufacturer is Snow Peak – which also goes by the name “China Air Rifle“.  Below is their traditionally-styled PCP rifle.  Unfortunately, their bullpup was held up in German customs.  But, I snapped a bunch of close-ups of their other PCP’s to at least give you some insight re: the quality.  Seems like China is starting to amp up their game.  The question will be:  how do Chinese barrels compare to those from Europe?








No trip to an airgun extravaganza would be complete without stopping by the Daystate booth.  They rolled out their Wolverine “C” to the European market last month (to mixed reviews).  The “C” is a 12 ft/lb cylinder version of the Wolverine “B”.  But, the “C” is not the reason I stopped by.  I wanted to have a look at their new version of the Wolverine .303 – the Wolverine “HiLite”.  This is a 2nd version of the 100 ft/lb Wolverine.  The new version take a more pragmatic approach – forgoeing the long cylinder for a carbon-fiber bottle.  The gun also uses the Wolverine “B” stock, and comes with a whopper of a silencer.  The changes reduce the overall weight by nearly a pound, and move the center of gravity closer to the shooter.  The new version also grants 8-10 more shots than the first model.  This gun is CLEARLY designed for the foreign (non UK) market.

Expect a video within a week.


Terry Doe (the “Godfather”) tells Tony Belas the way it is. :)





One scope – above all others – caught my eye.  And, you guys who don’t have $1000 to blow on glass should listen up!  This is the Leapers Full SWAT bubble level scope.  There are four very awesome things about this scope.  1.  Leapers finally has made a 1/2 mil dot reticle (Heads up Hawke!).  It is much finer than any of their previous reticles, and is “true” at 10x.  2.  It has an illuminated reticle that can produce around 30 color variations.  Now, I’ve made it clear in the past that illuminated reticles are not my cup of tea.  I would prefer if scope manufacturers skipped it, and save me the weight and a few bucks.  BUT, for those who DO want such a thing, this one worked and looked very nice.  3.  BUBBLE LEVEL!!!  Holy cow, Leapers put one right in the scope, and they did a nice job of making it inconspicuous.  You only see a sliver of the bubble.  To some, this will still be too much obstruction.  But, I suspect many more will dig this innovation.  4.  Price – at $300 this scope will be cost 40% less than the Hawke Sidewinder.

I was impressed enough with this scope to make a short video.  Expect that on my Youtube channel in the coming week.





Now to Evanix.  There is a model that grabs my attention more than any other – the Max-ML bullpup (top).  This is Evanix’s first NON-electrical bullpup.  This is a welcome addition to those (like me) who don’t particularly like Evanix’s electronic firing system.  The Max ML is pretty heavy, but it is also very compact.  And, like other Evanix models, it will be available is HUGE calibers – up to .35.  Yamma Hamma!!!  Take note, hunters.  Finally, I am told that Evanix has plans to move the side-cocking lever forward on future models – making it much easier to cock while keeping the gun shouldered.  Nice!


This is the GIANT X2 – a beast of a rifle with 2 (front and rear) 470cc bottles.




 There is also a side-level cocking model in what I call the “Star Wars” design (bottom).



Looking for a little more power?  How about 700 ft/lbs?!?  How about Sinner Airguns from the Netherlands?  :)  Maurice makes some of the best “big bore” air rifles in the world, and the price tag ($3000+) reflects this.  A little digging on the forums revealed nothing but top comments for this company.  So, it would seem that the price tag is justified.  Maurice was a stand-up guy, and gave me a good chunk of his time, despite not knowing me from Adam.  









Last up is the Hatsan Booth.  These Turkish guns are MASSIVELY popular world-wide.  But, they have yet to get a real grip on the U.S. market – in my opinion because of Crosman’s and Air Force’s strong presence.  I get 20 emails a week asking me to review the AT-44.  And, I’ll tell you what I tell them – visit Airgunweb!  Rick Eutsler is arguably “the man” when it comes to reviewing budget and mid-range air rifles.  Giles, from the Airgun Gear Show also recently reviewed the new Galatian.  So, there is info out there.  Go get it!




Okay – that’s it.  Sorry for the lack of “conclusion”.  :)  Videos are on the way…..


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  1. airgunmonkee says:

    You should do a review on all of the air gun that would be Awesome. Maybe do a giveaway or two .

  2. vikingfan89 says:

    I’m ready for some reviews

  3. Harold Schmidt says:

    Are your credit cards maxed out?

  4. sonny says:

    Excellent tour and commentary on the show Ted.I enjoyed the read and pictures.To bad for the suits that didn’t know you….(Missed opportunity) Looking forward to your videos.

  5. elisha says:

    nice commets and pics them are some sweet guns i couldnt get myself to pay that much money for s springer though lol i shoot my phantom that was 79 $ on sale

    you should do a clip on that some time
    called crossman phantom real nice gun
    for the price ,,,
    i didnt see any crossmans in them pics was crossman there ?
    again allways enjoy the clips and pics keep them coming …

  6. Jobobo says:

    Thanks for the coverage! WHat is the massive edgun? The bottles on the Evanix were interesting. What was the volume if you know? Same question on the Wolverine Hi Lite. TIA

  7. Gritz says:

    I need to get my wife to subscribe to your site. I think that the “extreme” amount of money that I drop on my marauder would soon turn into a pittance compared to even the entry level gear at a show like this. Keep this stuff coming. The more chances I get to drool over this stuff from afar and not get tempted to actually drop money on it the better!

  8. Thacker says:

    Ted, what is your favorite bullpup? Also, do you think the Leapers swat scope that you featured will be as good as your Hawke sidewinder?

  9. Mitchell Thomas says:

    Thanks Ted. It is so nice to share in your adventure. I am so glad you made those few videos (you have come a long way!) and that Steve called you. Your site and your films have been a salve for hard times. Thank you.

  10. REAPER0D says:

    Hey ted, nice coverage buddy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news though that “star wars” bullpup has been around for a while. thats the Evanix Rainstorm 3d but it appears they dropped the god awefull brushed aluminum look for a black anodized finish which is a welcome change IMHO. heres a link for you right from PA’s website with info for you in case you missed it


  11. mickeyteam says:

    verry good

  12. AirWolf says:

    cool and I am getting that leapers accushot, like you said. I’m getting it because the other scopes I’ve tried are either crapy or just break. Very aggravating. Thank you Ted for recommending this scope!

  13. AirWolf says:

    Oh I just about forgot to ask. Would that scope fit on my gamo big cat 1250?

  14. chsnnstrong says:

    Thanks for the pics Ted

  15. JaseUKHunting says:

    Nice photos Ted, look forward to seeing your videos of stuff that excited you.
    On a side note people may have recognized you if you wore your sunglasses haha

  16. Hemn Hemn says:

    Brother Ted,

    Thanks for the great & informative review as usual, you are the man who God created you specially for reviewing airguns,, very interesting for me, much much than any other things,,, if one day you will get an offer from OxxonMobil company (Which is recently started business in my country) for Sales Manager position, don’t accept, and keep going on this popular & beloved side ,,, Thanks and i felt that i was there in Nuremberg while i was reading your review ,,,

    have got any offer to review any of those new BPs?

    after my Edgun i might interesting on that Vulcan…

  17. Saltlake58 says:

    I desperately want a PCP, but . . . . .

    Well, as you can guess by the handle, I live in Utah. Utah is in the middle of this thing called “The Great Basin” which happens to be a desert. You know, very little water and what water there is isn’t fit to dive in.

    That means there are only two dive shops within 100 miles that could fill an air tank for a PCP rifle.

    If they go under (bit of a pun there), I’d have nowhere to fill my tanks and my PCP would be useless, unless of course I sprung the $900 for a shoebox or something similar.

    That about limits me to the Benjamin Discovery or an FX Indy style. Two very opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Was there anything at the show that would help get me into a PCP and let me have some security about getting tanks filled in the future?

    This whole desert thing can be a real pain.

    • Ted Ted says:

      First – the good news is that you live in the desert. So, in the event that you went the hand-pump route, you would not have to worry about moisture getting into your gun. But, if pumping isn’t for you, I’ll let you in on a secret. Fire stations have the capability of filling carbon-fiber SCBA(and sometimes aluminum SCUBA)tanks. They use the same tanks we use. Only they use them to breath as they bravely go running into burning buildings. Before getting a Raptor Compressor, I had a good thing going with a local fire department. I’d bring them cookies/doughnuts for their break room, and they would fill my 4500psi tank.

      • Saltlake58 says:

        Hmmmmm, Interesting. Fire station half mile from my house. Maybe I’ll have to get to know a couple firemen. . . . . . .

      • matlip matlip says:

        Even more interesting, fire station 100 metres from my house, brilliant. Off to Krispy Crème later……

  18. sonny says:

    P.S…Crap! i seen it too!!! and by the way you and ED could pass as brothers LOL.

  19. Castle02 Castle02 says:

    Do all bullpups come with a silencer besides the Tao Brno CZ? I live in Canada and would like to get a bullpup, but the silencer makes it impossible.

  20. steeldreams says:

    Ted, did you have a closeup photo on the Ataman Regulator on that exploded view thing?

    • Ted Ted says:

      I’ll see what I can find.
      Or, maybe I can crop the original (high-rez) photo.
      I’ll add any images to the Ataman section of the post.

  21. Fantasea3474 says:

    Some time ago you received both the FX Bobcat and The FX Indy, but you don’t have much to say about the Indy. Not impressed, not interested, I would be interested in your thoughts on the FX Indy .22 both in function and accuracy?


    Gary C-S

    • Ted Ted says:

      Just busy….The Indy was almost as accurate as the Bobcat. I think the slight variation may be due to the pumping. The gun is not well suited to taking 50 shots on bench-rest. :)

      • Fantasea3474 says:

        Thank you Ted,

        I sure appreciate what you do. Have you heard or seen any more on the issue with the Pump Bolt crushing issue after 500 or 600 rounds. Do you think FX has addressed the problem and do you think they will offer the upgraded stock for that like they have for the Bobcat?

        Thanks agin for all you do.

        Gary C-S

  22. matlip matlip says:

    Welldone Ted very impressive report.

  23. Autjf says:

    Hey Ted!
    First, I want to thank you for your great videos you make and the information you give us in your blog.
    Too bad that the people at the Steyr booth had no time for you. I am from Austria (excuse my bad English) and I own a “Steyr lg 110 HP Hunting”.
    It is a great rifle and I love shooting with it. Also the hunting 5 is a great rifle. When I was at the Steyr factory I got the opportunity to fire a few shots out of it.
    I hope also you get the opportunity to test one of the guns from Steyr. And maybe you can make a review on them =)
    Tanks again!

  24. AirGerman26 says:

    “Willkommen auf der IWA Show! (I hope that translated accurately)”.
    Yes Ted you have translated it perfectly :-)).
    Thank you for the very interesting report I’m looking forward to the videos.

  25. Gatorproof says:



    Ted, I am retired now, but I do miss writing off those yearly trips to Europe. Huge Ted Smile.

    Thanks for the glimpse into the wild world of air across the pond.

  26. aberry01 says:

    All of the guns look nice. Thanks for a great post. Now on to something really important – where are the pictures of you and all the empty beer steins?

  27. L Mason L Mason says:

    Nice work ted, or was that nice play:) :). I could think of NO other place to be. O my first LOVE, the Feinwerkbau Sport some 20 years ago. & now to see her again with a new dress. There is no doubt I will be getting one in good time over here in New Zealand. I also hope you do a vid on that Vulcan.

  28. Charlie2299 Charlie2299 says:

    Ok, this is off-topic, but I don’t know any better place to ask this question:

    Can anyone tell me how loud the Benjamin Discovery .22(with the TKO)is compared to the Crosman 2100?

  29. Wolfeman Wolfeman says:

    I know why the Hatsan’s haven’t caught on very well, they’re straight up fugly….

  30. RobertHN says:

    Hello from Honduras Ted and thanks for sharing the pictures.

  31. USSGuitar says:

    Ted. I am very interested in the Daystate Wolverine B. However, there has not been a full accuracy review by anyone on this rifle yet. Giles only did one 5 shot group from 49 yards and 30 meters. That’s not enough to properly judge the gun. Are you planning on doing a review or would you PLEASE do one? I am ready to move on this purchase but am hesitant without a proper test.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yes – a review is coming. It was suppose to happen before Christmas, but life got busy and….. So, now it is #2 on the review list, after the big bullpup comparison (Cricket vs Matador vs P12 vs Bobcat).

      • USSGuitar says:

        Excellent. I can’t wait. Thanks so much.

        • wtairgunner says:

          For what it matters I own the Bobcat 22 and the Wolverine B. Both excellent guns and both shoot pretty much the same groups at 40 and 50 yds. Where the wolverine stands out is simply the out of the box perfection and lack of noise. I actually though it was broke the first time I shot it. All I ever hear is the hammer strike.


    WOW, Teddy you have an amazing website! can you get a quality bull pup and scope for under $2000? love your style thanks :)

  33. Jobobo says:

    Man you look beat in those video’s! Or were you auditioning for the Walking Dead? J/K! Thanks for the dedication.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Ha! I know, I know! I was wiped out. Jet lag whoops my butt every time. And, my make-up artist was on vacation. :)

  34. Norman says:

    Hey Ted, I have a wierd question. Which airgun-maker would you recommend to build a custom air rifle for me?

  35. scomer says:

    Ted, you produce one of my favorite YouTube channels–great job! You mention in one of your IWA videos that you will be doing a comparison review of as many .25 caliber bullpups as you can get. I’m in the market for a .25 bullpup so I’m really looking forward to the review–I trust your opinions more than any other. I would ask one thing: Could you weigh each of the guns when you do the reviews as one of the important criterion for me will be power to weight ratio? Again, thanks for doing such a great job!

  36. sonny says:

    anyone know a good gun case for a scoped bobcat .25?

    • Ted Ted says:

      It needs to be 12″ tall or more. I use a Voodoo tactical case (42″). I have very high scope mounts and a bipod, and it still fits nicely.

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