Winter Pigeon Hunting with my FX Bobcat .25


Gun: FX Bobcat .25
Scope: Vortex Viper HSLR
Mounts: Sportsmatch High rings
Scope Level: Holland’s Signature
Bipod: Atlas
Picatinny Rail: Atlas BT17
Pellets: JSB .25 King
Scopecam Mount: Orion Steadypix
Camera: Casio EX-ZR200
Snow Suit: Kings Snow Shadow
Boots: Muck Woody Elite
Truck: Toyota Tacoma 2009 (manual transmission)


Deer Eats Bird
English Sparrow Smackin’ 2011

57 Responses to “Winter Pigeon Hunting with my FX Bobcat .25”

  1. 4ndone0331 4ndone0331 says:

    Great video, nice to see you back in the saddle doing some hunting. I enjoy all your videos, but my favorite are your hunting videos.

  2. L.I.Archer says:

    You can roast these birds like Peking duck. They are delicious with a spritz of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.

  3. L.I.Archer says:

    Oh, if you have a local Chinese restaurant where you live, they will cook it up for you. You could probably ask them to roast it for you.

  4. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey Ted, Nice to see your hunting video….Keep them coming.

  5. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey ted do you hunt in eagle Wisconsin.

    • elisha says:

      hey chsnnstrong the crossman phantom how far did you sight it in for ? 25 50 yards ?

      • chsnnstrong says:

        I sighted My phantom in at 25 yards, and it worked great. I keep my shooting within in 40 yards.

        • elisha says:

          hey chsnnstrong you lucky person i just now notcied who won that free gin give away i sighned up for this websight when i subscribed to teds hunting clips on youtube a week after the giveaway….

          congrats ……….

          1452 entries. 1 winner. Username: ”chsnnstrong”. Congratulations!

          so how does the gun shoot and if u want to give it away im allways looking for guns lol

    • Ted Ted says:

      I used to…when my dad lived up there. That was more than 10 years ago.

  6. elisha says:

    hey ted another great video keep them coming ….

    il be hunting here soon its to cold its like 20 below 0 in indiana so but spring is just 1 monthe off

    i was wondering is there anyway you can get a bi pod for break open pellet rifle i have a crossman phantom break thing got some weight to it and them birds are small id like to be able to get my shots steady any way to get a bi pod ?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Bipod on a breakbarrel is not usually recommended because it makes the gun jump on the forward recoil. This usually results in loss of accuracy.

      • elisha says:

        okay well gusse i can go without one in that case

        yeah the recoil defintly is difrent its my first high powerd pellett rifle i got a crossman 760 pump when i was 9 6 years ago killed a lottasparrows with that gun even a few chikmunks i did kill one rabbit with it but i had to shoot it multiple times and that was a head shot so i needed something more powfuller other then that was great for sparrows my gun started to loose power last year and i kinda lost intrance in hunting for the smaller game deer season has allways been my best hunting that iv allways liked best but after watching your clips it made me want to get another gun for small game and get back out thanks for ur clips keep them coming

    • Precision says:

      Elisha. I use a Bog Pod whenever afield and just target shooting, either from inside the air conditioned and heated office, or in the back yard. My RWS 470 in .22 is very accurate and I am abled to keep the hits within one inch out to the end of my 44 yard “range”. They take a lot of practice to become proficient, but no more so than it takes to become very good with a springer. Hint: you must find the ‘sweet spot’ on the stock where you can rest the gun within the sticks and obtain repeatable accuracy.

  7. Mitchell Thomas says:

    Great vid. Thanks. My recipe, verify diet in crop, usually seed. Soak breasts in favorite marinade (chili garlic paste) or brine them. Cleave meat from bone. Dry off meat, brown in coconut oil over medium heat, finish off in 340 degree oven, about 5 minutes or until just barely unraw in the center. Then rest meat for at least 10 minutes. Slice thin. Splay out on plate carpaccio style. Drizzle lightly with orange juice reduction sauce or mango chutney. Strong cheese and a nice Malbec are a good pairing. Ted I have had 40 pigeon this year, thanks for the inspiration. The winter is nearly done, is there another spear fishing trip you are eagerly awaiting.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Holy crap that sounds wonderful! I never thought to slice it thin. Love it! I return to the Bahamas this summer for a 17-day trip on the water. We have been planning this one for more than 10 years. This is THE trip.

      • Mitchell Thomas says:

        17 days on the water. Wow, you must be training already. I appreciate you sharing that world with us, man…so much life down there. Being a part of that truly three dimensional wilderness has frightened/enthralled me. I have very little time down there, But in makes for vivid memories.

        10 years…i am happy for you sir, nothing sweeter than stitching a dream together with good friends and family.

        I was looking through this years harvest today, meat currently available…elk (bartered for it), squirrel, duck, whitetail, crappie, bream, stripped bass, rabbit, and some Canadian geese i harvested with a little daisy 880 from a local office park (with permission).

        I love diversity. I dont know if i will be able to find any woodchuck to stew…but perhaps racoon will suffice.

  8. AirWolf says:

    I’ve been shooting lots of squirrels, rabbits, black birds, starlings, and sparrows. It is very nice. Like you said it’s a lot better than being inside all day. I have two questions. What is a affordable scope that is mil-dot, adjustable objective, and can use up to 10 power? Also I live in the small town of Fillmore, Illinois. Would that be a good area to be shooting?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Look to the Leapers line Accushot line of scopes if you want a solid optic for under $200. And, yeah – Ill is great hunting ground – fertile soil – lots of life.

  9. shpreeves says:

    Great video Ted, Keep loadin up the videos …. Hope to see some more kill’em and grill’em videos…..

  10. RobertHN says:

    I stay out of city pigeons, corn is the least they eat.

  11. J. Kyle says:

    Good to see you poppin-a-few again and great to see a new video. I think I have worn out all the old ones since I have played them so many times. Try not to let cabin fever get you down. The Redbuds and Dog Wood trees are blooming in SE Texas. So Spring is coming your way.

  12. airgunmonkee says:

    Hey Ted what air rifle should I get for target shoring .

    • Mitchell Thomas says:

      If you are just target shooting, not hunting, then I strongly suggest you look into a daisy single stroke pnuematic such as the model 953. Very accurate, quiet, easy to charge. However, if you would like to shoot past 30 yards, or ever hunt with you rifle, then you may want to get a multi pump pnuematic, such as the benji 392 or the crosman 2100b that Ted reviewed a while back. You can control how much velocity you get by varying the number of pumps you charge the gun with. There is also the option of a spring piston gun. They have a learning curve, but once mastered can be just as accurate as a pnuematic air rifle. A used rws 34 would be my first choice if a springer is what you would like to try. For more first gun questions and info, Tom Gaylord’s blog, pyramid air, and the network 54 yellow forum are all good places to investigate. Once you know what you want to do with your rifle, an obvious choice will present itself.

  13. airgunmonkee says:

    Sorry I mean shooting

  14. gloverxoh says:

    Ted, I have a Vortex Viper PST FFP on my bobcat. I found if you turn down the power a bit it works very well to let you get a clear picture. Since it is FFP and inside of 50, you can certainly live without being at 24x. So turn it down and see if you don’t get a better picture.

    I picked up the mount and camera and now want to head out and give it a try. I certainly appreciate you providing your information, it is a lot of fun.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I did turn down the power – you can see this by comparing the first sparrow shot to the 2nd one. And, you are correct – lower the magnification does yield a reasonable shot picture inside 50 yards. The issue was that the camera can’t make the same adjustments as your eye. So, I could not achieve a quality video capture.

      • gloverxoh says:

        Thanks. I plan on using it for shooting over wind flags this weekend so look forward to seeing how the camera works with a wider field. The limited fitting of the camera to the scope that I have done really let’s me appreciate the skill you have achieved looking through a camera. One question is regarding the camera. My understanding is that once it goes into High speed mode the focus is fixed. You have to modify the focus prior to going high speed as I understand it. Was that the issue? Probably it will be more clear when I work with it this weekend.

      • bwnj42 says:

        het ted, hope all is well.. I’ve finished my 3rd day of shooting my NEW mar..25,and I’m truly amazed at the accuracy this gun has. ive only shot out to 50 yds. and its a tight QUARTER size group w/JSB EX. my dad was with me & he wanted to shoot it and I like to never got it back. AND yes he’s hooked as well. Ted this is the new IMPROVED MAR.25 w/syn. stock 7 small baffels but I’m hearing that infamous PING. called Crossman gave them the ser.# and its suppose to have the de-pinger in it, but the way this gun is shooting I’m afraid I’ll get one that might be a hair off..I see on you tube where people are putting flex. spa pipe in the air resev. what is your opinion on that compared to the de-pinger. if you could answer this would be very appreciated..thanks ,,BRYAN

  15. jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

    Well done Ted. What gets me in this video is how quickly you pin that bird at 90 yards. Took maybe a two second glance and you know just where to put the sights. I still cant afford a pcp im stuck with my cheapo springer but this summer ill be making my own pcp from scratch more or less. Current designs are complete with integrated air stripper and moderator. We’ll see how it turns out. My question would be to go .22 or .25 with loather walther barrel or fx smooth twist. Any opinions?

  16. Spring says:

    Warming up a little here in Idaho. Already taken out 15 or more starlings. Thanks for the vids Ted.

  17. Spring says:

    Ever tried pigeon tacos. Delicious.

  18. horigeorge says:

    Nice shooting Ted. I always look forward to your videos. The Vortex scope has a really good reticle shame about the parallax though maybe you need to have another word with Vortex about fixing that in there new models.

  19. sotor says:

    u got any cat ur self,ted?

  20. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey Ted, Iv been wondering can a.177 kill a pigeon??? because I kill mourning doves often and would like to take a crack at pigeons.

    • jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

      In teds crosman 1077 review he does take a pigeon with the gun and from what I recall thats about an 8 ft lb power gun. What gun and pellet weight are you using? If the kinetic energy is above 8ft lb and the accuracy is acceptable then it will work.

    • airgunaddict says:

      I guess I’m not ted but yeah a .177 will definitely take down a pigeon like teds little Crossman that he did a 3 part review on, which included the hunting part when he took down a pigeon.

      • airgunaddict says:

        oh yeah and you can’t just shoot it anywhere and bring it down like you can with large caliber pellet guns ( like a .25 caliber)

  21. chsnnstrong says:

    I also eat them.

  22. Little Turtle says:

    I never get tired of watching good shooting!

  23. Precision says:

    Nice to see that you were adequately protected from the cold. I couldn’t help but notice your weight loss. Hope everything is going your way. Keep up the great work!

  24. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Great video Ted. Any chance a Indy review is on your list. I am a pump die hard. Love to have the freedom from the tank.

  25. airgunaddict says:

    Hey Ted would a scope cam work on a break barrel or would there be too much recoil?

  26. Tim Tim says:

    Ted – have loved your videos for a while and just started thinking about how much your wife must love you. I just did a rough estimate on all the air guns you have mentioned that you own from all the vids and it came to … lets call it a divorce in my house! :)

    Keep them coming for our vicarious pleasure.

  27. Jmann65 says:

    Great video Ted. Love your work. In an earlier video you mentioned you were using a moderator. Will you post a video on how you set this up?

  28. Spring says:

    Ted is there going to be a review or hunting vid on your Airwolf tactical?

  29. Fred78 Fred78 says:

    Thanks for the super détailed configuration of your gear !

  30. sonny says:

    tastes like chicken

  31. Genechg says:

    Hi Ted, am a big fan of your work. I saw you handling the kalibrgun Colibri at the IWA, and am waiting for your review . I think that is the best looking PCP out there now and really want to get one. Would love to hear your opinion on this gun. Tks.

  32. buz67 says:

    Hi Ted
    Thanks for some fantastic videos, the bobcat you are using is it modified with original parts from FX or are you using other specialities?

  33. pstall says:

    Great work on all your videos dude! I would like to know what equipment do you use to determine how much you should compensate for the wind blowing left or right…or just to know which direction it is blowing! Please offer advice on how you do this…Thanks man!

  34. ejc1970 says:

    Awsome video!
    Just got my .25. Marauder setup and ready, squirrel season starts in about 60 days here in ky!
    Did pretty good with my break barrel, can’t wait to try it out!
    Just for fun, check out
    Yes the “n” is supposed to be there.
    Great shooting site and plenty of other diversions.

  35. clarc21 says:

    Love your videos and all the help. You have inspired me to give it a “shot” on a much more average shooter scale
    Thanks again

  36. Vinenator says:

    I guess you didn’t have any “honey dos” to do on that cold winter day!

    i liked your list of equipment, but you forgot the most important item. What kind of gloves are those? i’m looking for some mitten/gloves things but haven’t gotten any recommendations.

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