How I Sight-in my Air Rifles

“How do you sight in your rifle scopes?” This is undoubtedly the most frequent message I receive from viewers. I’ve put off making this video because it seemed like there were many other suitable videos and articles. But, the emails and comments kept coming…

So, here you go. :)


FX Bobcat
Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20×44 Tactical  
Casio Camera 
Harris Bipod  


77 Responses to “How I Sight-in my Air Rifles”

  1. 4ndone0331 4ndone0331 says:

    Thanks for the video Ted, looking forward to more hunting/pesting videos. Im sure that they are dependent on the seasons though.

    I have a more detailed question. When you did your filming with the .30 Boss you filmed with a droop compensator so that you could utilize the entire, reticle. When you did this did you get your aimpoint/ranges from range-work or did the Hawk BRC give them to you? My BRC program looks a little different than yours and it only gives me hold under for the 1st 1.5 mildots above the crosshairs. Im guessing that Im gonna have to set up a range and just see where the aimpoints are equal to their impacts.

    • 4ndone0331 4ndone0331 says:

      Also I forgot to add that I get my camera to put the crosshairs in-focus by selecting the macro option, it might work for you too.

    • Ted Ted says:

      The Chairgun program did not show the reticle intercepts on the graph, but if you go to “embellishment” you can get a reticle view with the intercept yard marks next to the dots and dashes.

      • JaseUKHunting says:

        Hey Ted, In one of your old videos showing how to use chairgun with your .22 Edgun, how did you work out your guns BC?
        Im thinking easiest way according to chairgun is putting a chrony down range and seeing the difference in fps spread between short range and at a set range?
        Id really appreciate it if you get the time to answer this for me.


        P.s agree with other guys that you could start up your own forum, gallery, teds man cave etc

  2. Rick2 says:

    Ted on your new mount. Does your lens on the camera come out like a DSLR for attachment to the mount or does the lens not retract like other point and shoot cameras. I guess the question is how is the mount secured to the camera. Thanks Rickey

  3. elisha says:

    great clip ted i allways enjoy watching these keep em coming i must say you do a great job at these clips your a great shooter

    in another week or so well maybe a monthe its to cold to hunt right now anyways go out side and your finger is froze to the trigger lol

    im gonna buy a Crosman Optimus Air Rifle you can get it off of walmart amazon 89 $ rifle ive had a crossman pumpster kinda like the 2100 u showed sept mine is a 760
    but its time to go powerfuller

    what do you think of the crossmans ?

    • chsnnstrong says:

      If you up your price range a little bit u can get the “Crosman Titan” which is great for small game.

  4. Tongue says:

    Rick2, the mount Ted uses attaches to the bottom of the camera with a screw-in attachment like that on a lot of tri-pods. Look at your camera you will see a hole where the screw goes. I just put in my order for the camera mount today. Shawn

  5. Tongue says:

    Sorry, this mount in this video is different. Shawn

  6. Mickey Hunkin says:

    Ted, another great video. Did you have to do any modifications to your scope in order for the new mount to slide on?

  7. Airsnipe says:

    I know it’s a bit off subject but can someone point me to the parts diagram for the FX Bobcat? I can not seem to be able to find it anywhere. Is it even available yet?

  8. Mickey Hunkin says:

    When using your scope cam, do you prefer to leave your scope magnification at a set power. If so what power level do you prefer.

  9. Stephen Stephen says:

    I was always wondering how you did it with a camera. Ya know your pretty awesome always doing what you can to make your friends happy lol thats a fantastic characteristic not many people have. I never get sick of these videos.thanks ted.

    Oh ps your a scary good sshot

  10. ben10 ben10 says:

    I like how easy it is with the camera on to see the adjustments as you turn the turrets.
    I placed the order for my .22 bobcat on Tuesday so in about 6 weeks I should have it in my hands!
    It is a (uk) FAC model, so the same power as you guys are getting in the USA and it will be regulated. cant wait to get it in my hands!
    Do you have any experience of the Hawke Varmint range of scopes?

    • JaseUKHunting says:

      Hey Ben
      I changed my order from an FX Boss .30 to an FX Bobcat .30 because of Ted and his video about the extension tube so I only lose about 5 shots.
      Im Uk also so mines FAC too but I have a 8-12 week wait as they are made to order, still cant wait though :)

  11. Eddie B says:

    Your sighting-in method will be used next time. Obviously you need to do a video on the camera mount. My newly acquired Orion camera mount can be frustrating in use. I’m constantly readjusting it to the scope. Yours looks so much easier to use.

    • Broncman says:

      Eddie B,

      I am with you 100% on the Orion mount. I took off the little cusions that ride on the eye piece since they caused the most pain at first. I now am to the point of replacing all of the cheap plastic knobs with something of better quality hoping that will fix the rest of the headaches.

  12. Eddie B says:

    I wrapped a couple of layers of black electrical tape to hold the cushions in place. Yep those knobs leave something to be desired. The slightest bump moves the camera.

    • Broncman says:

      After removing the pads it is rock solid to the eye piece but still have to push camera back and fourth to get retical centered every now and then.

  13. Cougar says:

    Ted, is there any way you can find another site other than Youtube to post your videos? Google+ has totally screwed up the Youtube channel to the point that I can no longer post comments there even while using the Google+ account nor can I find any of my “subscriptions”……..Google+’s take over of Youtube has been nothing but a major abortion…………

    • Ted Ted says:

      I will be the first one to the party if a suitable alternative presents itself. But, for now, Youtube is the only game in town. There are other smaller venues, but nothing that grants me the flexibility of Youtube. I agree G+ is a total mess.

      • elisha says:

        hey ted im execting a new pellet rifle come next week
        got a crossman phantom was gonna get the other one but this one has beter commets on it its 1200 fps its a springer

        gonna put a 3 _9 bye 40 scope on it
        cant wait to get it since my crossman 760 has lost its power fast and then been watching these clips has made me itching to get out there again and start pecking them sparrows and chikmunks and rabbit is still in season to

        thanks again for your clips you realy so make others want to get out there im a youngster myself
        a deer hunter rabbit hunter sparrow hunter chikumk hunter figher squirrel hunter you name it kinda slacked off on the small game when ym 760 died on me after watching these made me want to get in it again thanks again keep the clips coming ….

  14. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey Ted, I’m looking into getting a bipod for my break barrel, but don’t know what to look at……Any ideas?

    • elisha says:

      hey chsnnstrong im sorry but i didnt see that pellet rifle u sudjested till i allready orderd my phantom lol

      • chsnnstrong says:

        Hey, the crosman phantom kicks butt, I had one for 7 years! and it killed everything I put my scope on.

        • elisha says:

          cool glad to hear you had good kills with it i just got it in the mail lastnight seems to be verey good tell ya what its a lot difrent then my little pumpster its got some weight to it wich i like …….
          and it sounds like my 22 when it fires ….. seems to be verey good 7 years ? cool …. do u shoot open sights or scope ?

          • chsnnstrong says:

            I shoot scope, I had open sights once on my pump up, I disliked them. so its scopes or nothing for me.

        • elisha says:

          im trying to get it sighted with my open sights the scope i have is a rifle scope wont work for my phantom so i shoot open for now till i get enough money for a scope

          15 to 20 yards is as far as my eyes will let me see a round dot on a target

          i got ir shooting pretty good at thAT distance i like it it works great ……. but i have to get a scope lol

          i like the scopes that have the light up red and green crossairs

          • chsnnstrong says:

            Save your self some trouble, don’t buy a whole new scope just buy some dove tail mount’s, and put them on your scope. And they retail for about $12:99….. Which is cheaper then getting a whole new scope. Iv done this trick before and it works. I put dove tails on my Tasco 3-9×50 and it shoots better then ever.

    • elisha says:

      that rifle is a good one and the price is pretty good to but allready orderd my phantom its a good looking gun has good commets
      id like to get a bipod for my break to hey ted could you do a clip about a bipod for a break open ?

  15. matthewha says:

    Hey Ted this is probably the wrong place to ask but I have an fx revolution and I was wondering what the most accurate pellet is that is NOT jsb because where I live I can’t get jsb pellets.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Ugh! No JSB where you live?!? That is the only pellet I have ever shot in mine. Smooth-twist (FX) barrels are designed for JSB pellets.

  16. ceande says:

    How does the bobcat 22 compare to the bobcat 25. I’m sure there are pros and cons to each, and probably a lot of similarities. I was mainly wondering about the accuracy and noise.

  17. Fred78 Fred78 says:

    Thanks Ted for that great video. This is a lesson by itself that many newcomers and young dogs will appreciate.
    keep it rolling please

  18. JJR says:

    Ted, great video for the new guys and thanks for doing it. Do you have a video that compares the Bobcat .22 and .25. Looking to get one soon and I cannot find any information on the shot count for the .25.

    Thanks again for what you do to keep us informed.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Shot count (and I’m talking 20fps spread or lower for all of these shot-counts) for a regulated .22 with 300cc tube is around 70. It is 50 for an unregulated .22. The .25 regged will grant you around 52 shots (again with the 300cc tube). I have no info for an unregged .25. MY regged .25 with (optional) 470cc tube gives me 88 shots.

  19. sonny says:

    is there a difference at 50-75 yrs in caliber accuracy between .22 and .25?… I need a experienced opinion

  20. Marno Marno says:

    Hi Ted, Great video, i just want to know what software do you use to edit you videos?


  21. Spring says:

    Ted, have you ever used a Crosman 66 power master? It’s very similar to the 2100.

    • elisha says:

      up you price a bit and get the crossman phantom its realy not that much money its on sale at walmart .com for 79 $ free shipping and you get 1000 rounds to shoot to

  22. chsnnstrong says:

    Hey Ted, I had a Gamo silent cat a couple years ago and sighted it in the first day then the next day the barrel was bent upwards, like it warped or something……Have any ideas on how that could have happened?

    • elisha says:

      a freind of mine has a gamo i was considering getting one but when with the phantom

      have you killed a rabbit with it ?

      • chsnnstrong says:

        Nope, never killed a rabbit with it, but my current gun is the Gamo bone collector, I have killed hundreds of mourning doves and dozens of squirls

        • elisha says:

          ive seen that gun it looks sweet..

          polboly when my phantom gives out on me il move to either that or the titain you told me about ..

          il be doing some chikmunk hunting soon cant wait to see what this thing will do to them little munks

          im shooting crossman preimers through it 18 .5 grams ..

  23. adytzu79 says:

    hi Ted,
    are from Romania I’m a big fan of yours
    I want your advice what is the best
    edgun matador .22
    kalibrgun cricket .22
    weihrauch .22
    wait for response

  24. Thacker says:

    Ted, The new bobcat is awesome and I’m getting one asap! However I have an RWS .22 Magnum that I can’t get better than 2-3 inch groups at 28 yards. It has a Tech Force scope and I have checked for tightness on all screws and cleaned the barrel. I have also tried the artillery hold with no luck. I would appreciate any insight on what to do. In the meantime I’m going to be saving up for .25 Bobcat. Thanks.

  25. jstress jstress says:

    Why 900fps? Did you set it with the regulator or hammer spring?

    • Ted Ted says:

      This gun happens to be most accurate shooting at 900fps. It varies from gun to gun (My AirWolf does best at 860, for example). I adjust it via the hammer spring.

  26. jstress jstress says:

    Oh, just setting up my regulated bobcat 22; out of the box 866fps and shooting .5″ groups.@ 50yrds. Is faster tighter?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Not likely. Most Smooth-twist barrels shoot best in the mid-high 800’s. Testing showed this one did a little better at 900. Mind you it is winter right now. I may very well drop it back down to 870 come summer if I see accuracy start to decrease at the current setting. When in doubt, leave the gun at the factory setting. I am just a little obsessed. ;)

  27. Airguns22 says:

    Hey ted, like the new camera mount, it kinda looks like it was a sun shade for the scope? Like the new vid i use the same method of sighting in as you do. Also i have noticed that you have done lots of vids on a variety of different air rifles but i have noticed you’ve done none on the AIR FORCE GUNS, why is that,? I think it would be AWESOME if you were to do a hunting and or review on the new AIR FORCE ESCAPE , which is supposed to have 80 ft lbs in 25 cal shooting around 1145 FPS. Thanks looking forward to your next vid.

  28. Stephen Stephen says:

    Ted! I though of a fun monthy posting you should totally think about seeing how friday was valentines day and I was off work and bored I decided to do some target practice with those tiny chock hearts lol and it got me thinkin. Maybe someone who can actually hit them should do this so what my idea was. You should do a Holiday video every holiday shooting something that goes along with it lol. Kinda like your shotgun shell challenge. Anywho let me know your opinion on that :-P

    Stephen Oveson

  29. lfaccio says:

    Hi Ted.
    Very nice video, it would be nice to see a video on how you do scope mounting, reticle alignement etc.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I filmed that, at the same time as this. But, left it out because I was not satisfied with the presentation (not clear enough).

      • lfaccio says:

        Thank you Ted. As far as I am concerned, this is the most interesting part. Hope you will post a video in future.

      • elisha says:

        hey ted when are we gonna get the winter pegions clips ?

        you posted that on your clips coming up soon i hope ?

  30. steeldreams says:

    Mr Ted, I wonder if you have made the video on Mil-Mil reticule on FFP scopes that you promised us over at the Yellow?

    Thanks… we zero our scopes about the same way.

  31. airgunmonkee says:

    Hey Ted do you know why the Benjamin discovery price went up at

  32. airgunmonkee says:

    Hey Ted do you know why the Benjamin discovery price went up at .

  33. AirWolf says:

    You use PCP(mainly)but I use a GAMO big cat 1250(break-barrel)it shoots 950 fps with lead. Will it shoot as accurate as you PCP?

    • Ted Ted says:

      No, a Gamo break-barrel has no chance of shooting with the same accuracy you saw in this video. Speed and accuracy have nothing to do with one another. Speed/power is easy (and cheap) to achieve. Accuracy is difficult (and expensive). Marketers do not want consumers to know this. They thrive on confusion and misplaced priorities.

  34. Ken says:

    I have to tell you that you didn’t give the Benjamin discovery a fair test. I had too work hard to get mine too shoot well but when I was done it was one hole at 25 yards. It was hard to tell if there was more than 2 shots when there was 5 or more. .500 at 50 yards was common. You need an extra barrel band at the end of the barrel and use 14.3 grain discovery pellets in the .22. I did a trigger job on mine too brake at 2.5 lbs.

    • Ted Ted says:

      The review was made re: what a person can expect if they buy the gun. Not what the gun is capable of achieving if you tune it. It is pretty sweet that you’ve been able to wring more accuracy out of your gun. And, no doubt, many would want to know what you did to achieve this. But, most folks just want to buy and shoot. That is who I had in mind when I made the video.

  35. airgunaddict says:

    Yeah great video Ted I really liked the video. Keep em coming ted your video’s have really taught me a lot about hunting not just with airguns but with any guns like the ricochet video. Thanks

  36. James58 says:

    Good tutorial for folks to use. Got a follow up idea for you. How about going over some support gear options (that you’ve used or haven’t) for PCP NOOBS. What type of tank to you suggest? What about a manual pump? Where do you get your tank filled? Just an idea.

  37. Andrei says:

    Really solid stuff. Helped me a lot with my own long range rifle! thanks

  38. Wolfeman Wolfeman says:

    Great video as usual Ted. Thanks as always.

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