Raptor Pneumatics EZ Fill 4500 Compressor

I got a look at this thing for the first time during the Extreme Benchrest competition last November.  AoA had one in their shop, and the second I saw it I knew that THIS was going to generate a lot of inquiries.  And I was right; as soon as this thing was made public, everyone was clamoring for any nugget of info they could find.  

…But, there were no nuggets – because no one was ready to lay down the money for an untested compressor – meaning there was no customer feedback – meaning their was no information on the forums – meaning no one was willing to spend the money…..a vicious cycle – hehehe.  I pleaded with AoA to send me one for testing, and in early December I got my wish.  It has been very difficult to stay silent about this thing.  But, I have held back from posting because I wanted to be able to wring it out before making a “public opinion”. The video is still coming. But, I can see you guys are itching for some feedback. So, here is what I know so far after approximately 20 hours of run-time.


Facts:  It is about as loud as an old washing machine. It has an auto-shutoff feature on the gauge that is adjustable to any fill pressure 0-4500psi.  It refills my 75 cubic-foot, 4500psi tank from 3000psi is a little over an hour. It  will fill a 500cc bottle in minutes.  It is completely self-contained, meaning that it needs no extra parts. It has a moisture purge that you set manually on an integrated timer (factory recommends to set to 25 min for most conditions) – it exhausts the moisture as water vapor with a “PSSSHHTTT” sound. It has a coolant system that circulates antifreeze solution. It has a burst disk system to prevent overfilling.  It has an hour counter.  It only requires the space of a desktop PC (I keep it under my work bench in the basement). Maintenance is minimal – only needing to add a drop or two of oil from time to time.  

Those are the “facts”. Now here is my opinion. And, I’m not going to dance around it – I LOVE this thing. It has liberated me from the time-consuming task of getting my 75cf tank filled. It has allowed me to be much more liberal with chrony testing and pellet experiments because I am no longer worrying about “wasting air” on less-than-fun shooting. For a long time I preferred to steer clear of big-bore airguns because they gulped down my tank too quickly.  Reviewing the Daystate Air Ranger Extreme (80 ft/lbs) was a total pain in the butt because I had to get my 75cf tank filled three times to complete all the chrony work and accuracy testing.  Furthermore, because so many manufacturers are now designing guns to fill to 250 bar (FX) and 300 bar! (Kalibr), a personal compressor seems like a must. Without one your large air tank quickly drops below the max fill pressure of your gun, and you effectively start “losing” the shots you were counting on when you bought that gun. I decree that there is NO WAY I would own a 300 bar fill gun without a personal compressor.  

Obviously, many want to know how this unit stacks up against the shoebox. But on that topic, I can not say due to my lack of experience with the shoebox. I considered buying one last year, and contacted Tom Kaye with a few questions. I wanted to see if it was a good fit for me. In the end – with Tom’s guidance, I decided it was not, because I simply did not have the space to do the “setup” properly (with the pre-compressor and moisture traps). In the end, I suppose he “lost” a sale, but that probably beats the heck out of an unsatisfied customer.  So, I tip my hat to Tom. However, as a result I now can not compare the quality, design, durability, etc. of the Shoebox to the Raptor compressor. All I can say for sure is that the Raptor takes up much less space (and is portable).  And, from the info I have been able to glean off the Internet, the Raptor is also much faster.

Finally, I know first-hand that AoA has the parts in stock to get it fixed quickly should something go wrong. My compressor was shipped during the first deep freeze in the midwest. It arrived with a cracked hose barb on the water pump. I think the extreme cold + a hit during shipping was the culprit. But, whatever the reason, AoA had a replacement part in my mailbox 2 days later (USPS Priority mail). I swapped out the pump, and have been rockin’ it ever since.

In the coming weeks, I’ll give you guys a look under the hood and offer more thoughts and opinions on this little (but HEAVY) compressor. For me, it fits the bill, and removes the FINAL caveat to owning pre-charged pneumatic airguns. I am “pneumatically autonomous”, and it feels good. :)

Price – $1795 @ AoA and Precision Airguns


41 Responses to “Raptor Pneumatics EZ Fill 4500 Compressor”

  1. TheBullsEye says:

    nice review wish i had the $ to get one of these. I’m just about to take the “plunge” into pcp guns ,but got to save up a bit more money. This would be an awesum addition to that gun due to the fact the closest fill place is almost an hour drive. Looks like im gonna have to go with a hand pump :) thanks ted cant wait for the video!

    • bwnj42 says:

      “AIR” to me that’s the biggest thing that’s over looked when it comes to getting involved with PCP’s.. I know first hand,lol,,im 3 mnths into my first PCP,BENJ. MARAUDER .25..i love it..but myself am looking HARD into this COMP. its simple you HAVE TO HAVE AN AIR SOURCE..plain & simple. I highly recom. to anyone starting out to the reverse physc. method…INVEST IN A 4500 psi source first or this compressor yes even b-4 the gun. there not cheap but once you start shooting you’ll see why. more shooting and testing and less trips to the fill station. GUARANTEED..

  2. elisha says:

    pretty neat there i wish i had the money to get one of them but lotta $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    allso been looking into pellet rifles i think im gonna go with a break open one

    but was wondering im looking at a 1.77 caliber

    at 100 yards if shot in the head at 1200 fps can it take a rabbit down without having to chase it all around the place ?

    • jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

      1200 fps won’t work at 100 yards, the pellet will destabilize due to sound barrier shock wave interference. But luckily i think your referring to the advertized velocity of a gun, and with some heavy pellets the realistic speed might be around that sweet spot of 900 fps. Also, break barrels are not usually that accurate to 100 yards. they just recoil too much to really squeeze out consistent rabbit head sized groups, please do not get a gamo or crosman break barrel expecting to get groups that far it would be very unrealistic and you will only be disappointed. Even some pcp’s have trouble at that distance. But that being said a ribbit only needs about 4 ft lbs to a head shot to kill so it might work. I’d just recommend curbing your expectations. Watch ted’s review of the benjamin trial. or even Airgunweb’s review of the hatsan mod 125 sniper. (though i kinda hesitate to confirm Rick’s expertise as a marksman) and those videos will help you get a more realistic expectation for a break barrel.

      • elisha says:

        okay thanks for the info dont have a lotta money to put on one il look into them other ones though

        bumber though was hoping to be able to get way out there


    • airgunaddict says:

      I have a 177 break barrel air rifle and I’ll tell you right now you ain’t shooting rabbits at 100 yards. Mine shoots 1000 fps and I’ve taken down a few rabbits at 25 yards. Like Ted said if you get an air rifle you don’t want to get one that shoots so fast you don’t get good accuracy. Also if you’re getting a scope for a break barrel make sure it’s one that is air rifle approved or made for air rifles, because many break barrels jar the heck out of regular rifle scopes, so I suggest if you get a break barrel you go with a RWS air rifle like the Diana 34 177 cal, but you probably won’t be shooting anything at 100 yards, because break barrels are much more difficult to shoot than a PCP.

      • elisha says:

        k well i dont have 2000 $ to spend on a rifle been just trying to get a desecnt one that can reach out there a little ways and put the smack on a rabbit

        to bad i dont have the cash id love to them one of them PCP rifles only thing is rifle is $$$$$$$$$then gas or co2 out the wazoo the way i shoot lol . thanks for your commets and il have to get a air rfile scope in that case i was gonna put my 22 lr scope gusse might want to not do that now so as far as though a break 1200 fps is still beter then a pumper right ?

        • Lighthorse Lighthorse says:

          Dont know why no one is telling you some good guns to use under the 1000 range I do not have the knowledge of all the Airguns but besides my FX Bobcat My Girlfriend has the Airforce Talon P and she is hitting her target @ 50 – 100yd.
          I believe it starts around 400 + a Maddog Stock

    • chsnnstrong says:

      A 1200 fps 177. can take a rabbit no problem.

    • Jared Bradley says:

      Get a benjamin disco. Any pcp is better than a springer or gas. I started with a discovery.

  3. jsdar says:


    No price? No link to website? You make me work.

  4. aberry01 says:

    I always wondered how you got all the air for all those tests and reviews. Nice to see it will be easier for you in the future and better for us if you get more time to do videos!

    • Ted Ted says:

      Believe me, running back and forth 15 miles to the fill station was tedious and time consuming. I am now free to waste as much air as I want! :)

      • bwnj42 says:

        ted,,love your site. been shooting springers for ever, and thank to you lol,,im getting in to PCP’s help me with this decision .22 or .25 BENJ MARUADER.There is a paint ball/laser tag/ gokart businn. 15 min. away whats a good starter tank.. thanks man. keep posting vid’s..

      • bwnj42 says:

        hey ted,,its bwnj42 again as to that question on preference of .22 or .25 BENJ MARAUDER, it was meant more to the aspect of have you had any troubles w/one compared to the other..accuracy wise or anything else..thanks again u da man…lol..

      • bwnj42 says:

        I traded my 80lb 3000psi scuba tank for a 100lb 3300 scuba tank at my local SCUBA DIVING STORE,as of right now w/AOA’s calculator im to get 26 to 28 fills.. and I read your post on the compressor and I again thank you for your knowledge. It just got moved ahead to #1 on my priority list its a must have for ADDICTED PCP’ERS like myself..lol. TED I must say you seem unbiased towards air guns, which is why I respect you & your post and videos. I find myself re reading them for info. should have my chrony tom..thanks again TED, have fun & stay safe my friend..

  5. txhawk23 says:

    Looks like the price is in the $1,500-$2,000 range.

  6. ejc1970 says:

    Awesome compressor!
    I believe that a small compressor designed to only fill a gun or small bottle and do it in a reasonable amount of time would fit the bill for the average PCP owner.
    Looking into air boosters as an alternative to hand pump.
    Also I believe that some military surplus Kidde brand compressors are capable of pressures to fill PCP guns.

  7. glockaxis says:

    I’d like one too but retail is higher than I am willing to spend right now. I will have to make due with a couple of scuba tanks using the cascading process.

  8. Utard Utard says:

    Found some videos on these. They look to be a fairly easy unit to service? As long as there parts around to do so.

    Can anyone recommend a good airgun forum? I need to ask a bunch of questions on the FX Bobcats.

  9. Utard Utard says:

    Ted you need to add a forum to your site :)

  10. Pestbirdsquirrelhunter says:

    Hey Ted, whatever happened to you finishing the Trail NP review with the GTX and the Blue Streak review?

  11. airgunaddict says:

    good grief it looks like something out of Star Wars or a computer.

  12. Chase_78 says:

    Hey Ted, huge fan, first of all thanks to you I am the proud new owner of a PCP Benjamin Discovery without watching you I wouldn’t even know a PCP existed, and second, I was wondering if you were going to post any new videos anytime soon. I really enjoy watching them.

    • DealFair says:

      I ditto what Chase_78 says almost exactly. The Discovery .22 is giving me yeomans service in my WAR with English Sparrows. I watched Ted’s Discovery review & bought just as he recommended; except I already had a good scope. I went to AoA however, & purchased a 2 stage trigger sear & another barrel band. The new trigger sear makes a HUGE difference in your accuracy. I am nailing those little buggers at 60 yards!!

      GREAT VALUE as it allows one to have a GOOD pcp air rifle for a very reasonable price. I really appreciate what Crosman & Ted have done to help introduce us to pcp rifles without “breaking the bank”!!!

      So thank you Crosman & Ted as I’m having lots of fun!!!!

      Best regards to all,

      Deal Fair

  13. Tongue says:

    Ted, I love all the stuff you do!! I am about to buy a tank from Joe Brancato and was gonna buy his 72 cubic ft. tank. I may now buy the guppy instead and get one of these. Probably fill the Guppy in 10 minutes?? I have about 4 grand to play with, so a guppy($429)the Raptor($1800)and a new FX around($2000) would put me in the ballpark! Thanks for all your hard work, it helps us all out when it comes time to go shopping! Keep up the great videos!! We all love them! Shawn

  14. killer says:

    Thanks a lot for the review Ted!! I was one of the ones pestering you for a review of this sucker.. I was at Precision Airguns and Supplies buying a .25 cal FX Bobcat and Jim had just got both the new stock Bobcat and the Raptor Compressor in from UPS or FEDEX. He had to open the boxes to show me. Being new to PCP airguns dropping the $2.5k for the Bobcat, Omega tank, and accessories I was not willing to purchase the new compressor until i learned more about it and checked out other options.. Looks like this is now my best as no one fills 4500psi tanks near me.

    Thanks again Ted for the quick update..

  15. shawn harvey says:

    this will be next year but I WILL get one.

  16. santi says:

    Hi Ted, Im from Argentina and want to thank you for all the info, videos, reviews that you are doing! Its great and very helpfull. Are you planning a review over hatsan bt65? Pelease keep posting your opinions thanks again!

  17. merc says:

    Needs pics of it in the tedcave. Im imagining a wall of guns too.

  18. Harold Schmidt says:

    Hi Ted, anxiously waiting for your video before I purchase this compressor. Any discount codes,free shipping? Would it help you, if I mention your name when making this purchase?

  19. Tongue says:

    If you do a search lots of info on these units on-line. It looks like AOA and another company now bought the exclusive rights to distribute. They were available for around a grand before this agreement. I asked for a price on 20 units and it would of been around $850 or so. I know of a few left available from other sellers but they can no longer market them in the US. The guy I spoke with says they have a one year warranty on parts and are very simple to work on yourself. If I had not just bought my 4500psi.tank I would grab one of these right now. Shawn

    • Harold Schmidt says:

      Do those other sellers still have them available to purchase at this time for the original price? I would be very interested.

  20. KnifeMaker KnifeMaker says:

    The less expensive units still out there for sale are not exactly the same. There have been upgrades to the cooling system for instance.

    Ted, I know how you feel. I finally broke down and got a compressor, and that I am casting my own .257 bullets for the .257 Talon/Dor, I am almost completely independent. Still have to buy electricity! LOL!!!

  21. RomeoAlfa says:

    Looks like a nice compressor. I will probably hold out on getting one until they have been on the market for 12-24 months to see what kind of reliability and service issues come up with them.

  22. Utard Utard says:

    Ted after having had this for almost a month anything bad come up with it?

  23. jstress jstress says:

    All I checked on delivery from AOA today and these units are delayed until Mid to late March. Acording to AOA, the manufacturer has made some improvements in the cooling and delivery system. Bummer to have to wait longer, BUT I’d rather have the best functioning unit available.

    I wonder if our Mr. Bier had some ‘wisdom’ for Omega that will make these better for us all?

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