Extreme Benchrest 2013

January 29, 2014

Extreme Benchrest – Tucson, Arizona.  As many of you know, I was there….and I competed.  I took 2nd place in the “pro class” – bested by Mr. Alvaro Lopez.  Alvaro’s story is too good not to tell.  He drove 3 hours from Mexico (his native country), and arrived with only a smile on his face and his son Sebastian for support.  He introduced himself to me the day before the Extreme Benchrest, and told me he hoped that I would win it – at which time, his son interrupted and said, “NO, YOU WIN.”  Seems that Alvaro agreed to buy the kiddo a video game in the event that he took the prize.

Fast-forward 24 hours, using a borrowed gun (FX Bobcat .30, Alvaro takes first place.  What’s more is that you can clearly see from AoA’s video (below) that he had no idea the prize was his until his name was called.  Alvaro went home $1000 richer…well, minus the 50 bucks for the new video game.  Second and third place won $500 and $250.

Oddly enough, first place overall did not come from the pro class; it went to Chris Warwick, a shooter in the “sportsman class”.  The sportsman class was created to give non-professional shooters a fair shot at winning some prize money.  And, while the overall scores in the pro class were better, the top shooters in the sportsman class actually fared slightly better than those in the pro class.  The good news for future sportsman class entries is that they will not have to worry about Chris , because the rules state that he will be moved into the pro class next year.  So, every year the pro class will become more and more competitive; while continuously leaving room for new blood in the sportsman class.  I think this is great!  And, by the way, the sportsman class pays out the same as the pro class!  :)

This is Airguns of Arizona‘s video highlighting some of the best moments of the Extreme Benchrest event.


If any of you are in a caption-less photo, or have something you would like to add, post a comment below along with the photo #, and I’ll add your $.02 to the original post.  :)

And, below you will see a mess of photos – most of which were taken by Kat (right) from Wild West Airguns, using my little point-n-shoot camera (thanks Kat!).  





Shane keller (right) and Robert Buchanan (left) make use of the shade.  Shane is the uncontested winner of the 25m relay every year.  The guy is absolutely lights-out with his .22 Royale 400.



Team Venezuela! 




Peter from Topgun Airguns



Oscar from FX Airguns pauses for a photo (do NOT get in a drinking contest with this man!)



The FUTURE!  This is what we all love to see!







The AoA Buchanan Brothers – holding up the tent.


Hey – It’s Jim Chapman from American Airgun Hunter.


Tony Belas from Daystate LTD, holding the new Wolverine B (bottle) puts his best foot forward.  Fun bit of info – he and Fredrik Axelsson (FX Airguns) were separated by ONE POINT in the 75-yard match.  


Fredrik and Johan Axelsson of FX Airguns, looking suspicious of the photographer.  And me, looking like a smiling idiot. :)





Alvaro and Sebastian Lopez (in black) are the “bread” in this “Joe Brancato sandwich”.  





Mark Buchanan (no relation to Robert Buchanan) took 2nd place at the first Extreme Benchrest (2011).






Terry Doe – world famous airgun competitor, writer and editor of Airgun World parks it next to Ross Marshall – world famous smartass and whisky connoisseur from Milbro UK.





Steve Smith from Wild West Airguns mans the megaphone.  Some would argue it isn’t needed.


High-five from the wife (we should all be so lucky).  


My weapon of choice for the Extreme Benchrest (75 yard) competition – the FX Bobcat .30. The wind was 3-10 mph, and somewhat erratic.  At times it would hold for a few minutes, and at others it would change every second.  In my opinion, the most challenging element to compensate for was the updrafts and downdrafts created by the surrounding terrain and fluctuating sun intensity.  


My scorecard – 230 (out of 250 points) with 7 x’s.  That last shot cost me 1st place.  It still haunts me today. LOL.



Me stirring up trouble at the silhouette competition.  I scored the 2nd best overall time in the qualifying rounds using my Edgun Matador with my scope camera.  But, the scope camera ruffled some feathers, so I politely bowed out of the finals.   


Brian Stafford – two thumbs up for winning the pistol silhouette.  He also took 2nd on the indoor pistol splatter.  This guy is a competitor.  It was his first year at EBR, and he was all over the leader boards and prize tables.   






41 Responses to “Extreme Benchrest 2013”

  1. LGM2 LGM2 says:

    Ted – don’t you just hate that last flyer. Good job and finishing 2nd, thats a pretty impresive field of shooters. Some day maybe I will be there, too, Keep up the good work and lets see some new videos. ciao

  2. jimmyD says:

    Ted thanks for the great videos an photos, really enjoyed,looks like great fun with some really good folks,hope we can make the trip one day. Thanks Again for sharing.

  3. Airmarksman Airmarksman says:

    Thanks for all the pictures and write up. I know I am looking forward to seeing some videos from you. I wish I could find a way to get a media pass next year. I really doubt they will accept my badge from the local news papers I work for. lol Who knows maybe I will be able to shoot next year. Thanks again.

  4. JaseUKHunting says:

    Hey Ted
    Congrats again, how come you were using the .30 Bobcat and not your .25?
    Did you do a switcheroo with someone else haha
    Because of your video shooting your Bobcat .25 in the fog and your latest video ive now cancelled my order from FX of the Boss (which I had been waiting for since end of November) and changed my order for an FX Bobcat .30 with the extension tube (still waiting for confirmation whether they will ship it with that 470cc cylinder and shroud extension).
    But I have the benefit of living in the UK where Mr Huggett lives so mine will have a little ‘bling’ to it :)

  5. jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

    haha that last shot on your 75 m looks very painful. Good shooting otherwise hopefully I’ll be able to make it to one of these events at some point in my life.

  6. Bako1208 says:

    Seriously, you should be knocking on “The out door channel’s” door getting a spot.

  7. vikingfan89 says:

    Can’t wait for the video Ted!

  8. azduster azduster says:

    Congrats on shooting so well. You got me hooked on air gunning again,I’m ordering my first pcp in the morning. I will be at EBR 2014 in the sportsman class if all goes well. Can you shoot both with a pcp and springer or are you limited to just one?

  9. airgunmonkee says:

    I wish I could have gone but all i have is a Break barrel

  10. rctrue says:

    So Ted, was the last shot caused by the wind, bad pellet or the shooter? I know you’ll give an honest answer!

    • Ted Ted says:

      My suspicion is that it was caused by a bad pellet. The wind didn’t catch me off-guard, and I know I didn’t pull the shot. If there is a silver lining to that rogue shot, it is that it has lit a flame under my butt to completely eliminate “fliers”. In truth, 1 in 25 is a pretty good ratio compared to the normal 1 in 5 or 1 in 10. But, I want them GONE. It is an obsession that has me spending countless hours at the lab and range.

      • elisha says:

        hey ted sorry you did not win first i was hoping you would but hey second is good to i polboly couldnt even win last lol just wanted to say thankyou for your work
        i enjoy watching these clips and its helped me as a small game hunter

      • rctrue says:

        That’s what I suspected. What pellet were you using during the competition?

      • jstress jstress says:

        I have the same issues. The flyers make no sense. The velocity remains within range, no wind, and a strong rest. The pellets look the same, I am going to weigh 100 and see if ones with the same graines to two decimals hold zero. JSBs appear to be pretty good all round.
        See you in Arizona in November. I happily live here.

  11. gloverxoh says:

    Very nice shooting. My 30 bobcat is here in its Ted approved stock, my vortex pst ftp scope mounted, a euro rail mounted, a Rempel bipod installed, but the horrible weather has kept me from getting out except for a sight in. I really look forward to checking it out and comparing it to my TM1000 for 75+ yards. The guy to beat our our matches shoots a 30 at 90 yards against the 22’s at 70. So I decided to gun up with the 30 bobcat. It will see some action hunting this weekend.

    I decided to take the TM1000 up to a 25 caliber, the pellets variability in 22 seems to be a significant issue and I did not have much luck sorting or using pellet lube to get rid of the flyers that were there. I decided to spend more time shooting the 25 than trying to figure out the 22. Thanks for the coverage of the event, it would be a lot of fun to attend and shoot. Hopefully this year.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I agree re: “variability” within the current .22 pellet stock. I am currently running numerous experiments to uncover the source. I think a big reason .25 and .30 are so popular right now is due to the overall consistency of the ammo in those calibers. BUT, I love my .22’s, and will not rest until they can consistently stand with their larger counterparts. When I crack the code (and I WILL), I will be certain to put my findings in circulation.

      • elisha says:

        hey ted i was looking into a new pellet rifle i was looking at the Crosman Optimus Air Rifle

        you heard of it ?

      • fxroyalepain says:

        Hey Ted. I used a .177 RWS Model 36 for years for pest conrol. After seeing your vids a few years ago, I stepped up to the FX Royale 400 in .22 and have never looked back. (got a Weirauch HW100 FSBT as a backup thanks to your .177 model review) I hope to attend the EB someday and although I have not experienced the flyers you have (mainly because I don’t shoot nearly as much as you, I would imagine) I hope you crack the code so I know what NOT to do when I finally make it to EB. Good luck in your testing and I look forward to meeting you in person when I finally make it out to the EB someday. ATB

  12. hurakan says:

    Great work, Ted. Well done on the placing. Pity the Matador With scope cam caused so much debate. You could have really cleaned up on the prize table.

    Did you manage to grill Daystate on whether they will bring out a .25 Wolverine?

  13. ben10 ben10 says:

    Well done on getting second Ted, shame about that flyer.
    When do we get our FAQ page on here??
    and I know i mentioned the “armoury” page before but how about a blog post every now and then instead with a list and spec of whats in the armoury? We’re all very interesting in what you have and what your thoughts on each set up are.

  14. sonny says:

    Impressive shooting Ted, congrats to all

  15. sonny says:

    1 more thing Ted are u going to put the silhouette shooting from your cam on youtube? That would be cool to watch.

  16. TheBullsEye says:

    Nice shooting Ted! Hope too see some videos up soon! Oh and who won the pellet trap ?

  17. wlbryce says:

    Great Photo’s! I thinking that I might want to go to that next year!!

  18. Steve Steve says:

    So why would the scope cam ruffle feathers? Did they feel it somehow gave you an advantage?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Had I scored 10th or 20th, I don’t suspect many would have complained. But – yes, my 1:09 time made some assume that I had an unfair advantage. ;) The truth is that it gave ME and advantage, because of my familiarity with the device. Most others would have been handicapped.

  19. airgunmonkee says:

    Dose the 15%off work on the challenger pcp rifle.

  20. E. J. Fudd E. J. Fudd says:

    Ted…Based on your infatuation with statistics, the consistency of that gun, the time you spend choosing pellets, your enjoyably-humble demeanor, and my conspiracy-theory attitude…I think you knew who your competition was, and put that last shot right where you wanted it. ;)

    Love your site…not sure why – I don’t even shoot.

  21. ageezy355 says:

    Hey ted whats your thoughts on the fx t-12 400 or t-12 whisper ?

  22. Chase_78 says:

    Ted you haven’t posted a video in a very long time. I was wondering if it would be very long until you post another one. I am a huge fan and YOU are the reason I am a proud new owner of a Benjamin Discovery. I had no idea a PCP even existed till I saw you blastin’ animals with yours!!

  23. philo says:

    hi there
    well done to you
    did you happen to note what the most popular scope being used was ted ?
    total agreement on the high five wife :)

  24. sonny says:

    Ted, did u refill your bobcat for that target set? Just wondering as im considering buying and havent seen any stats on how many shots b 4 refill on the .30 cal…Thanks

  25. norton says:

    Great photos. Ted, I would like to see a video on my rifle, the RWS 56 Diana. Always look forward to your video work.

  26. merc says:

    Mr. T , good shooting!

    The sparrows are coming out here, invasive be-atches.

  27. mahanvey says:

    I really enjoyed looking at this post. It was great. Sorry about the flyer… that’s a shame. I think I’m getting more and more re-interested in airguns. I’ve been an avid canary “cheap-cheap” air gunner all my life, but reading about you and your experiences is really exciting. Keep up the good work!

  28. Duff says:

    Looks like a great time with a great group of people. I look forward to making it to AOA EBR next year! I appreciate the effort you put into your videos and have learned a great deal. Cheers

  29. Andrei says:

    solid pictures!

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