FX Bobcat – Full Accuracy Review

The FX Bullpups have finally landed on US soil! And, I have both – the Bobcat and the Indy. They are the same rifle from the neck up, but have very different power plants. The Bobcat uses a traditional cylinder. The Indy uses a smaller cylinder with an integrated, 4-stage, pump.

A lot of folks are already wondering if my Edgun Matador will take a back seat to this new bullpup.  And, the honest answer is “Yes”, for a very simple reason – this gun is more accurate.  It does not handle quite as nicely because it weighs 1.5 lbs more than the Edgun. So, hikes through the woods will still likely be with the Matador.  But, the bulk of my farmyard pest control will now be done with the Bobcat (and the Revolution, when semi-auto is needed).  I doubt I will ever sell the Matador – mostly for sentimental reasons.  But, I hold NO loyalties to any gun manufacturer.  My favorite gun will ALWAYS be my most accurate gun – Period!

Equipment Links:

FX Airguns (the Bobcat is not yet on their site): http://www.fxairguns.com/
Airguns of Arizona (US Distributor): http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FX%20Bobcat.html
FX “Smooth Twist” Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPF6dWAqfhY

Music by Kevin Macleod.

All other elements of this video were created by Ted’s Holdover, LLC.

77 Responses to “FX Bobcat – Full Accuracy Review”

  1. jrmoreau says:

    Oh boy, I knew the review was going to be good, but wow! I want one! Can’t wait to see the other review of the Indy too!

  2. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Excellent Ted. Way to go…Room on the stock for rear sling hardware? looking forward to seeing what the Indy can do. I think the stock is awesome looking. No issues from me. I love it!

  3. rjmichna rjmichna says:

    Thanks for the review Ted. My experience thus far with my 0.22 Bobcat is essentially the same:
    – Damn accurate
    – Great trigger
    – Bad rail (I milled it off and mounted a MagPull polymer picatinny rail)
    – Great shot count / regulation
    – Solid, but on the heavy side
    – Not quite “Neighbor Friendly” on high power
    (Can you share the details on the extra moderator? FX made?)
    Rich in CT

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yes, Rich. It’s an FX Moderator – the same one that bundles with the FX Verminator. I ordered two the same time I ordered the guns (Bobcat and Indy). I had a suspicion the gun would crack a bit without one, based on my experience with the Verminator. I can’t remember the price, but they didn’t break the bank.

      • RBond says:

        Hey Ted ,
        Have you tried the FX Moderator on the FX Indy yet? I’m interested in the FX Indy. I called AOA and I was told that there is no FX moderator that will fit any of the FX Indy calibers. If that’s not accurate please let me know.

        • Ted Ted says:

          That is true of the Independence (which bundles with its own full-sized moderator). But, I can assure you that the Indy Bullpup has the capability to add an FX moderator. Just make sure when you call AoA to make it a point to say you are talking about the Indy bullpup, as the Independence was also nicknamed the “Indy” by many in the industry. So, there may be some confusion there. The Indy bullpup as a threaded shroud that accepts FX moderators identical to the one on the FX Verminator Extreme.

  4. LNielsen LNielsen says:

    Great review Ted. This gun is definitely in the top three for my first pcp

  5. 4ndone0331 4ndone0331 says:

    I really wanted one of these guns but I had trouble finding out when (roughly) FX would be releasing these guns so I went a different route. I ending up going with a Air Arms S510 Carbine FAC, and it is a great gun as well.

  6. joaojorge182 joaojorge182 says:

    Hi ted keep up the oustanding job you do, im addicted to pcp air rifles thanks to you, enough said my wife would love to have a word or two at you lol.
    BTW is it possible to fit a regulator on either the bobcat or the indy?

  7. troyano says:

    Great review Ted, as always!!!! I have an unregulated Royale 500 and is powerful (50 ft/lb) and accurate (~1/2″ @ 50 yards). I am looking for a review of a Boss vs Bobcat cal 0.30 because I am undecided of which one I will buy for long shot hunting….

    • Ted Ted says:

      The Boss and Bobcat use the same breach, action, and barrel. The only difference between them is the trigger and the air reservoir. It comes down to the platfor/stock you want.

      • JaseUKHunting says:

        Hey Ted, love your videos btw mate think they are very funny as well as informative :-)
        I like the boss, can’t wait to get one over here in the UK so can you please give the boss some more air time so I can watch what it can do on film until I can do it myself when I get mine :-)

  8. WastedJ says:

    Hey Ted,

    All I can say is WOW! That 20 shot group was amazing! I’ve been eagerly awaiting your review as I have been looking into bullpup’s now for quite awhile, move over Matador and Cricket! It seems the Bobcat will fill a perfect niche for me, I have plenty of powerful, accurate PCP riles, but what I could really use is a nice, lightweight offhand shooter, with a rock-solid power adjuster for close up backyard pest removal when major ftlbs are more a liability than asset. Plus it has the backing of a large, first tier manufacturer. Very cool, keep up the good work brother!

    • Ted Ted says:

      I would say the Bobcat fits all of your criteria, except it is not “light”, as PCP bullpups go. The Matador is 1.5 lbs less than the Bobcat. That isn’t to say the Bobcat is “heavy”. Just that it weighs in pretty high with respect to other bullpups on the market.

  9. gunlocators says:

    I am currently looking at a new PCP in .25 Ted what do you recommend out of the following PCPs AirWolf, Air Ranger , FX500 or Bobcat I want to hunt upto 100 yard mainly squirrels but a coon and coyote on occasion Also I want it extremely accurate if i want to paper punch. Carry for hunting is a big concern as well…

    • Ted Ted says:

      Air Wolf .25 is underpowered, IMO (at 45 ft/lbs). Ranger, 500, or Bobcat are all good choices. It comes down to the platform you want. Bobcat is shortest, then the Air Ranger, then the 500.

      • mikedoh says:

        Would you consider the Verminator Extreme in .25 a good choice also?

        • Ted Ted says:

          I have no experience with the Verm .25. But, all FX guns use the same barrels, trigger, breech block. Accuracy should be there on all models. It comes down to stock/platform preference.

      • gunlocators says:

        Which do you think is most accurate air wolf excluded. I am almost tempeted to go with another .22 rather than .25 but cannot decide if thats smart. I may limit shooting to squirrels and rabbits and some bird and use powder burners for the yotes. i shoot a .22 mrod now. If i did go with a .22 would you then suggest the air wolf?

        • gunlocators says:

          BTW whats the max fpe on the bobcat

        • Ted Ted says:

          Yes, in .22, I highly recommend the Air Wolf. The thing is, Daystate uses the same platform for the .22 and .25 air wolf. The only difference is the barrels. This is why the .25 wolf only comes in at 42-45 ft/lbs; making the trajectory “loopier” than I would want. The FPE of the Bobcat, Royale 500, and Air Ranger all register in the low to mid 50’s – exactly where it should be shooting JSB Kings at around 900 ft/s. As for accuracy, that is a likely a wash.

          • gunlocators says:

            Ok one more stupid question and i will quit picking your brain. So in .22 Air Wolf over Bob Cat right? What about air ranger .22 50fpe model would you do that over bobcat. My concern on airwolf if it rains is it going to fry my electronics. Also Any comments on the airwolf tactical it looks slick.

  10. Darryltx says:

    Kid in a Candy store. I love it. good by to the Russian. :)

    • Ted Ted says:

      You are absolutely right about that. The Russian will still be used as my primary “woods walker” because it is so light. But, this Bobcat simply has it beat on accuracy. You’ll be seeing much more of this gun. :)

  11. eddieirvine says:

    looks like a winner Ted, nice review as always, I totally agree on the stock and length, not much said about the magazine any issues there and some like preditors is there room to use them? I think they have a nice one, but it is an FX I was sure they would come thru, and the trigger is fantatic, after all a trigger is an important part of any gun. Thanks for the nice review and taking the time to do this Eddie.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Hmmm. I never tried the Predators. In my experience the .22 predators are far inferior to the .25’s. I gave up on the .22’s a long time ago. I have many tins of them, however. It’s worth a shot. As for the magazine, I have had NO issues. I even used it for the accuracy testing to illustrate my confidence in it.

  12. blom says:

    hi your beautiful weapon, I look forward to a test theoben az.
    thank you

  13. mughram says:

    excellent review ted ! i’m sorry to repeat my question :( have you test’em as lefty shooter ? recommanded or not ? i feel like they’re not good for lefty shooters same as cricket because of the side-lever cocking

    • Ted Ted says:

      I’m not a lefty, so I can not comment on the awkwardness of these lever guns with respect to left-handers. I will say that I have seen countless lefties at the AoA benchrest tournament who do very well cocking the gun and loading it with their right hand, while keeping their left trigger finger in position. Fred Axelsson – owner of FX – is actually a lefty! How about that! :)

  14. golddredger golddredger says:

    Hey Ted,
    Are you planning a hunting video soon with this new Bull? I would love to see a squirrel and pigeon hunt with the new gun. You have not done either in some time and it would be great to see some now. Keep up the good work and happy shooting!!!

    • Ted Ted says:

      I have already hunted with it. Both squirrels and pigeons (and many other pesty critters) have fallen. That is the easy part. Now the hard part comes, Video Editing. Ugh! :) And, before that I want to give folks a look at the extreme benchrest competition in AZ.

      • golddredger golddredger says:

        Very cool! We will look forward to it and yes we know all about the editing! It can takes its toll on you. I am into video myself along with my son. The editing is brutal! Benchrest in AZ will be great looking forward to that as well. Keep up the great work and have a nice weekend!

  15. philo says:

    hi ted
    looks a little cracker,if you start to run out of room for new guns you can always donate the matador to a very worth cause ( namely me ) haha
    tatty bye

  16. Fred78 Fred78 says:

    Thanks Ted for that review
    Is this bobcat at fullpower operates at 30ft/lb ?
    Would the bobcat match the matador at 100 yds ?

    • Ted Ted says:

      The Bobcat at full power is at 32ft/lbs (same as the Matador). And, yes, it absolutely is a match at 100 yards.

  17. Darryltx says:

    Ok I’am new to leaving comments so what is this moderation
    my intention was be lite hearted

    • Ted Ted says:

      Hi Darryl, the moderation is just a formality for first-time posters. Without it, the “spam-bots” FILLED my comments sections with junk. I have approved your comments, and from here on out no moderation will be needed. Thanks for your understanding.

  18. Skinner49 says:

    hey ted and everyone in this blog!! after watching ted for a while he inspired me to start shooting air rifles. in all your videos I noticed that u mainly shoot starlings. are there starlings in West Virginia?? (Where i live) And what other birds are good to shoot??

    • Ted Ted says:

      Oh, I am sure that there are starlings in Virginia. :) Google, European Starlings, House Sparrows, and Feral Pigeons. Those are your primary targets. Cowbirds and grackles also require smacking if the situation warrants.

  19. mikedoh says:

    Thanks for the video. Think you’ll end up putting a shorter barrel on the Bobcat?

    • Ted Ted says:

      No. I think I’ll just get a slightly shorter moderator extension. I am betting that one about half that size will do the job 80-90% as well.

  20. joaojorge182 joaojorge182 says:

    TED, do you have any ideia how much the FX Bobcat will cost?

  21. Ted, do you see Edgun firing back with a more accurate gun in the future?

    • Fast and Danger says:

      I think EDgun has already released more accurate version. The Matador that Ted shoots in .22 is R2.5 version (he has R3, but its in .25). The R3.5 version that is currently out has different barrel mounting system, better regulator and more important new and improved trigger that can be adjusted to a very light pull. I really wish Ted had a chance to review current production R3.5 Standard .22. It not really fair to compare R2.5 Matador to Bobcat.

  22. joaojorge182 joaojorge182 says:

    Im no expert but i think FX great accuracy is due to the smooth twist barrel tecno, and if Edgun continues to use L.W. barrels (they are very nice to) i belive FX has the edge. =) imo…

  23. jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

    Great review Ted! Would love to see some footage stretching this gun’s leg’s a little. It can only be expected that an FX will shoot well at 50, and 100. Time to find a 150yd range? haha and hey i love the new t-shirt! my girlfriend just got me one as a side present for my b-day. I gotta say, she has nice taste :)

    • jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

      It’s a black shirt the white holdover logo, just to clarify i’m not watching your wardrobe.

    • Ted Ted says:

      The Bobcat has already been “stretched out” – just not at the range. I have been crushing starlings and pigeons with this thing at 100+ yards for three weeks. You guys will see it. I just have some other projects that need to come first (extreme benchrest, budget PCP package). I don’t want my channel to become “the FX show”. :)

  24. utahairgun says:

    Ted thank you for all you videos, First time posting here I’m a fan! I have a question about the noise level of the bobcat .25 compared to my royale 500? I bought the verminator extreme when it came out because I was so excited that fx came out with a bit shorter rifle that had some power behind it, I was very disappointed in how loud it was without the extra moderator screwed on. My boss .30 is quieter than it is! If the bobcat is as quiet as my 500 my prayers have been answered!!

    • Ted Ted says:

      The Bobcat .25 is not as loud at the Verminator (without the additional moderator), but it is a little louder than the Royale 500. My .22 Bobcat make noise on par with the Verminator; with the additional moderator it is very quiet, but without it, the gun cracks. It is my understanding that FX is addressing the loudness “issue” of their bullpups. If you are patient, I would hang tight and wait for the next version of the gun. FX moves fairly quickly with R&D, so it shouldn’t as bad as waiting for the Wolverine or Edgun multishot.:)

    • sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

      utahairgun…where you out of??…trying to put together a Utah Airgun Competition…fun…food..targets…comrades. Let me know…I’m in Provo.

      • utahairgun says:

        Hey sharp shiner, sorry I didn’t see this until now, I’m in Orem so I’m right by you. I would love to do some fellow air gunning !

  25. lstables says:

    Hi Ted, Awesome Review!

    I noticed on the extreme accuracy review for the Revolution, you mentioned that possibly not all FX revolution rifles would be as accurate as you managed to get yours.

    Do you belive this is the same with the Bobcat?
    Or do you believe it is fully capable of this accuracy and not just luck? “Planets Alighned” :)

    Im considering getting the Bobcat in .25 do you believe it would be just as accurate as the bobcat in .22?
    or do you think going for the bigger pellet will cause a reduce in accuracy?

    Thank you for taking the time to read and reply,
    really appreciate your opinion!

    Keep up the good work Ted!!

  26. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Love the look of this gun! When you review the Indy any chance you can address rear location for a sling, psi sweet spot, and how best to use a level bubble for the long shots? Thanks.

  27. ninco1 ninco1 says:

    Great review Ted. This is my first post but I’ve been watching you for years. I have a Daystate Mk3 and a Huntsman “Midas”… Both from AoA, along with a MRod, Talon SS and many springers (and antique pistols and rifles) from my years with the USAF living in England in the 70’s & 80’s. My Daystate Huntsman “Midas” in .22 is extremely accurate and with the Weirauch moderator it’s exceptionally quiet. Ok, not a bullpup,, but how would you rate the Bobcats accuracy compared to the Huntsman’s at 50-60 yds?. One last thought… Your interview with Malcolm for Country Pursuits was great! keep up the great work online, but never neglect the family!! Thanks again!

  28. looknup says:

    Great review! I am waiting for a Bobcat. With the rail on the Bobcat, could I use medium rings with a Hawke Sidewinder to get the scope closer to the barrel? Was there another reason you wanted it that high like the magazine or your camera?

  29. rbarz22 says:

    Ted Great review and I am enjoying the site. I would like to pose a question for thought though. Like you I am at the point in my life that financially I can buy whatever AG toys I want, though I really am interested in guns like the Bobcat, I am struggling with whether the price is really justified. For instance one of my favorite rifles at the moment is my Mrod in 22, I have replaced the stock with the Teryx which has allowed me to customize it, and along with a few other modifications, like the de-bouncer, I have an extremely solid, accurate platform….and have still invested less than a grand.

  30. pavlas pavlas says:

    hello Ted and thank you for the video ! i have a edgun and i think the price does not match the quality. it could have been build better for that kind of money for PCP. i am interested in this one now, you are gonna make me go broke ! Thank you ! Your reviews and videos are one of a kind and i thank u

  31. daystate25 says:

    Hello ted do you know if FX sell guns in the UK I have never seen a FX in my local gun store or at the range and there was nothing on the FX website to say that there available in England thanks for the review on the bobcat.

  32. Gio says:

    Hello Ted im sorry for the many questions asked by people about how to sight in guns or use them or even the best one for the best price all great videos though. Just to the point i wanted to know if you had any tips on using the Gamo whisper fusion pellet gun and what kind of pellets i should use for it taking in to consideration it is still a break barrel of course although i think you of all people would just kill for the SAT (smooth action trigger) that is included in the deal of the whisper fusion

  33. ejc1970 says:

    Hell of a rifle to just cheap out on the stock!
    Imagine a high quality walnut stock on it!
    Anyway I can’t wait for the Indy review,the built in pump has my full attention.
    Thanks for the videos.

  34. Phrog says:

    Ted I don’t want to hi-jack the thread but I am not sure how to ask you about your Mrod .25 setup regarding your scope mount and rings. Is there a place to post question to you?

  35. GMH24 GMH24 says:

    It’s getting to the time of year to put way the airguns and bring out the shotgun. For grouse and pheasant, but I’m pretty sure the boss would be able to take care of that.

  36. golddredger golddredger says:

    Hey Ted,
    Could you measure and tell me the length of the scope mount rail please? It is the same as the Airforce rail? 230 MM? Let me know thanks,

  37. richie richie says:

    Hi thank you for making the video of the FX Bobcat.I was looking for the perfect PCP air rifle on the market.If I was going to spend all that money on a air rifle it has to be the best one.Because of your reviews I will definitely get too of the best air rifles thank you so much.The FX Bobcat & The EDgun Matador R3 …

  38. Thesurvivor says:

    Ted I must say since I have been watching your videosit has given me a whole new outlook on the art of PCP air gunning. A few Yeats back I had to all but given up hope on shooting due to the recoil on my shoulde. As I was shot twice while trying to stop a robbery.that pretty much destroyed my right shoulder. After going through multiple surgeries it is as good as it’s going to get. Long story short after seeing this new FX Bobcat come out I think I have found a hobby that I once love and put it back into affect when I get my reimbursement money back from my surgeries. I am trying to locate some clubs in the Dallas Texas area that I can possibly get introduced to so that I might get a head start on meeting some people involved in the sport . Do you have any ideas on some clubs? You are definitely what this sport needs keep up the great work and the inspiration you provide to others with your talent.

    Thank you,

  39. ohiochuck says:

    Ted, Do you know if FX is making any changes to the Bobcat including your recommendations? Will you test the .25 caliber?

  40. Fred78 Fred78 says:

    Hey Ted
    I think quite a bunch of us would love to get your comments on a .25 caliber – including me !

  41. ingrahal says:

    I have watched the video twice and read through the comments and did not see or hear what pellet or pellets you used in the review. What was the best?

  42. joe wood says:

    Ted, Love your videos. You have taught me alot about the wide world of pellets, shooting and the sweet guns that shoot them. I really would like your advise on my next gun. FX Bobcat or Indy bullpup. Could’nt help it. I saw your review. I really like the pump idea. But I am not sure about shot count, and reliability of the pump. I put down a deposit on a Indy in .22 cal.at AOA . And I have a couple of weeks to decide. I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the Indy bullpup .22. Thanks for your time.

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