FX Boss CRUSHING House Sparrows

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Why I shoot English Sparrows:
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My first day out with my FX Boss .30 PCP Air Rifle. The gun severely out-shot me on this day. In fact, one might say I brought shame to the FX name – hahaha.  In time, I will improve, and you will see a LOT fewer misses. The truth is that this gun is better suited for crushing mid-sized mammals. The report is quiet, considering the power. But, it is louder than its .25 and .22 counterparts (FX 500, FX 400). The increase muzzle blast helped to alert the agile house sparrows and starlings to the incoming pellet. Consequently, you see many of them jumping well before the pellet reaches them.

A year ago, I would never have taken out a ‘big bore’ rifle to do some simple pest bird smackin’. This isn’t because I think the power is overkill (no such thing?), but rather because I thought of big bore air rifles as having very few shots and being very LOUD. Gone are those concerns with the FX Boss. Other than the fact that the pellets are a bit pricey ($15-20 for 150), there isn’t much difference between firing a .22 FX Royale 400 and a .30 FX Boss. To me, that is progress!

Equipment Links:

Atlas Bipod:
Bubble Level 11mm Dovetail:  Bubble Level Picatinny: 
The Panasonic camera (DMC-FZ150) I used to film the narrative:
The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope:
The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope:
The Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x):

37 Responses to “FX Boss CRUSHING House Sparrows”

  1. RobertHN says:

    Wish I would have a place to shoot like that, thanks for the video Ted.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I took my stomping grounds for granted when I was a kid. After traveling around the US and Mexico for the past 10 years, I realize just how good I had it (and still do).

  2. Mike.north says:

    Outstanding shoot Ted. You will get there with the 150 that’s some distance

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yeah – I’ll get it….if I keep shooting the gun. Which will be tough seeing as how two FX Bullpups are on their way to my house right now.

      • sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

        Awesome! Cuz I love my Edgun 22 Std. Can’t wait to see what you do with the FX bullpup review and your comparative thoughts!

      • Ephimerous says:

        I can only wish I could shoot like you Ted! Hey I was wondering, since you said you’ll be coming here in November for the FT competition here in Arizona, would you know what are the requisites, I would love to go to something like that or at least tag along if it is possible, I have never in my whole life have done anything like that, it would make me really happy to see or maybe even compete if possible, but I’m not even sure if I’d qualify for it, only have two Marauder’s bone stock, longest mild-dot shot I’ve done with crappy scopes is about between 75 to 100yrd shots, Love your videos Ted and your expertise in AR shooting, keep’em coming Buddy! :)

  3. GGMan says:

    Hi Ted, Awesome rifle, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this rifle in your excellent series. BTW what frame rate is the video at when we can see the pellet flight? Thanks for your excellent work!

  4. mikedoh says:

    Good job with that x-ray camera of yours whacking the Pidgeon in the silo.

    If you want to allay any concerns of you becoming soft, take a page from Putin’s book: shave your head,take off your shirt and flex , and hold up a beastly dead sparrow! That will show em !

  5. RME says:

    Really missed these kind of videos. Such a joy to watch. It’s just fantastic that after i’ve had a shitty day, I find out that my favorite airgunner just uploaded a new video. YESSS!!
    Here’s my appreciation. Thank you

    • Ted Ted says:

      And after I have had a bad day, it’s comments like yours that put me back on top. Thanks RME.

      • sionts says:

        Hey Ted, I’ve never really been into shooting or hunting for that matter. Right up until I came across your vids on youtube. Now I’m eager as anyone could be, I can’t wait to start. But unfortunately for me, living in Australia the process of obtaining a gun takes months :/

        • plinker says:

          Sionts, its not that bad, yes you need to get a license for a air gun, and then wait for the pta to arrive etc, all up about 4 months but the sooner you get your paper work in the sooner you can get you hands on a AR, the wait just makes getting the air rifle that much more rewarding and allows you to save more cash to get something good, and the FX revo is legal in all states except WA.

  6. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Hey Ted, great video work. My boys and I watched this in between chores and some afternoon pellet gun shooting. Keep up the great work. By the way…my 30 year old Sheridan groups like a champ out to 70 yds. Amazing the o-rings are still hanging in there.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I still haven’t rung my “new” Sheridan out – waiting on .20 pellets to be delivered. Would you be so kind as to tell me the brand and weight you are shooting. :)

      • sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

        Roger that. Of the 6 or so tins we had laying around…the Benjamin Cylindrical 14.3 gr hold the best groups for me. Dialed in my POI 10-70 yd groups this week and taped the data to my stock. Now I just need to keep my rangefinder on me!

        • sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

          Oh yeah…be prepared for a major arm workout! I think I put 200 rounds through the sheridan this week with all my tests, and my 39 yr old body is feeling it! Never hurt like this when I was 15!

  7. pavlas pavlas says:

    very nice video Ted ! is a starling ever dead enough ? nice ! ;p thank u

  8. L Mason L Mason says:

    Theres no doubt that rifle is the boss. Nice vid ted:). I don’t see many people talking about this question, Can there be overkill??. Im going to stick my neck out here & put my 10c worth in as a hunter myself. ok, I don’t think id see a hunter taking out birds like on your vid say with a 270. Over kill? YES, not to mention the cost or the safety aspect:). Id say its a 2way street. All things being equal,stability over longer distant, hit power ( that could be a long topic ) & to a point we can, it all adds up to now its available we all can make use of bigger cals also. iv hunted with .177. Moved up to .22. Now running on .25 & I can say its VERY hard to leave my .25cal at home & only take my .177. Don’t shoot me .177 users, Im not saying .177 is eny less of a hunting cal but we do have a advantage in some ways over kill or not.

  9. L Mason L Mason says:

    Just to note, Ted, remember the video you made ( can birds see bullets ), well after seeing the slow motion footage of the Boss at lest 3 of the birds im sure thy can see a pellet. or at lest hear something?. Did you ever come to a conclusion after that vid?

  10. gsbmueller says:

    What size bullpups did you get? hopefully a .30, im torn between the boss and the new .30 bobcat. loudness and accuracy will be the deciding factor.

  11. gordob91 says:

    Im Very curious to learn how you got that atlas bipod on the front of the boss. The last time i checked, FX didnt supply their rifles with any form of fore-end mounting points for slings / bipods

    is this one different? or is it an aftermarket addon?

    • Ted Ted says:

      I mounted a Picatinny rail to the wood stock using swivel screws. The rail is made by the same company that makes the Atlas. It is one of the “bt” series (one is flat, and one has a slight curve).

  12. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Looking forward to the FX Bobcat review!!!!! Need an excuse for an exceptional 100 yd+ bullpup.

  13. Phrog says:

    Ted… Great reviews and videos… It never gets old watching them. as far as the FX Boss do you now if they will make an arrow version?

    • Ted Ted says:

      I think FX has plans to release arrow adapter kits for all calibers. I have a prototype adapter for my Boss .30 already. I’ll show it to you guys soon. If you thought a .22 could snap those arrows off, you should see this .30 at work. :)

  14. BlueGhillie BlueGhillie says:

    Great video Ted, I’d start looking into wind averaging. It’s only 100-150 yards but with the reduced fps those pellets are spending a lot of time (relatively) getting pushed. Just using the wind speed at your location is like only using a 1/3 of the data. Love the videos and extras (ie Spearfishing, etc) Keep up the great work! Overkill Vote: No such thing on starlings

  15. 2260crosman says:

    That’s not overkill at all as I shoot pest birds with a .22 rimfire and that has around 100-140ftlb
    keep up the good work man, I love your vids!

  16. LNielsen LNielsen says:

    I really had no idea that these sparrows act this way. I am just getting into airguns. I have started with the RWS 48 and I am now looking into PCP rifles. I will be thinning these birds out for sure. Thanks for the great videos Ted!

  17. aberry01 says:

    I really enjoy seeing those pellets fly right to their mark. Your videos are always eagerly anticipated. I was wondering how are you adjusting for elevation?

  18. Albireo says:

    First of all I would like to give a sincere and warm ‘thank you’ to Ted for all the interesting videos he produces – and for getting me back to the joy of airgun shooting.

    Today I took delivery of a FX Airguns Bobcat.

    The barrel / shroud is a bit longer than in previous published pictures and extends about 7½ inches from the front end of the air tube. Practically this means that I can shout “pfoff” higher than the airgun itself. To my surprise the gun is very quiet.

    Balance point w.o. scope is somewhere over the trigger / pistol grip.

    The gun is very well made except for one part – the extendable / retractable chin support. It is made of some kind of cheap plastic but that isn’t really the concern here. It is supposed to snap into place either way but the mechanism failed on first attempt – rendering me with an unusable chin support – it even fell off! Not that the plastic chin support is an important detail, the gun works perfectly without it and is still a great buy but buying a product for USD 1447 shouldn’t have this sort of annoying defects.

    It baffles me that such a shitty detail wasn’t detected by the FX Airguns Q&A team but might have slipped through in order to meet the demand for this rifle.

    In any case, this issue has been addressed and I’m confident that it will be swiftly resolved.

    As mentioned, I took delivery today. This weekend will be spent on adjusting the Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical SF 6.5-20×42 mounted to the Bobcat with BKL301 mounts. It will be interesting to see if I still have the shooting skills in by backbone after 20+ years of not pulling a trigger.

  19. GMH24 GMH24 says:

    Great videos Ted can’t watch enough of them. Those birds aren’t plentiful in my area, but I take them out when I can.

  20. WastedJ says:


    Is a 245-bar fill per FX factory specs? I couldn’t find a definitive answer on the AOA website. I’m interested in buying one so I wanted to make sure I could get the high shot count without “over filling”.

    Keep up the good work, you’re a true airgun ambassador if there ever was one!

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