Vintage Sheridan BlueStreak .20 – Finally Got One!

Did you happen to see Jock Elliot’s most recent blog entry, “Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend“?  It is a two-part series re: Crosman’s recent decision to stop production of the Benjamin Sheridan Bluestreak and Silverstreak.  Those are the ‘nicknames’ given to their 39x, .20 multi-pump pneumatic air rifles.



I’ll not go into the history of the rifle because I would only be paraphrasing what I learned from Jock’s article. :)  Okay, that’s not entirely accurate.  I did know a little bit about this gun, even before reading Jock’s article.  When I was a boy, my best friend had one – handed down from his grandfather.  It made my Crosman 766 look like a chump (and I really liked that 766, so that is saying something).


So, I knew enough about these Sheridans to always keep my eyes peeled.  It was the reason for walking into pawn shops, and keeping a watchful eye on the forum classifieds.  And, there were several occasions when I missed the opportunity by mere minutes.

And, then it happened, in the most unlikely of places (a gas station in Wild Rose, Wisconsin)…..I finally found one; a C-Series, made in Racine, WI.  Not a coveted A or B series (see Jock’s article).  But, still a solid specimen.


The price tag was $119.  A very fair price, I thought.  Surely there must be something that required fixing…  With the shop’s permission, I cocked it, made sure the barrel was clear, gave it 6 pumps, and pulled the trigger.  ZAP!  A perfect firing cycle.  None of the telltale “mushiness” or “thwonk” you hear when the seals or valving need work.


So, I slapped down the plastic, and walked out the door with my “Racine, WI” Sheridan Bluestreak.  It was lacking the rear sight, but in its place was a scope mount – also stamped “Racine, WI.”


An unorthodox, but sturdy, mounting decision put a Hawke Airmax 3-9x right where my eye wanted it.  It looks a bit clumsy, but actually feels really nice to shoulder.  And, the scope will allow me to squeeze every big of potential out of this old workhorse.


In the coming weeks, I will present you a video about this gun, and why I am so fond of it.  

One of the most popular questions I receive is “What is the best gun in the $300 range.” Setting aside the vagueness of the question, my answer is a scoped  Benjamin/Sheridan Bluestreak.  However, I am always reluctant to recommend this gun because I do not think it is a good fit to fulfill the expectations of today’s young shooters.  It would require a monologue re: why I think this, so  I will present you my soap-box rant in the upcoming video. ;)  Until then, enjoy these photos.  The gun was certainly no “safe queen”, and that makes me love it all the more!!!


56 Responses to “Vintage Sheridan BlueStreak .20 – Finally Got One!”

  1. MultimediaMan MultimediaMan says:

    Sweet Rifle: I was totally bummed when my father sold our “Silverstreak” out from under me to a family friend with a boat… I’ll find another one, one day.

    You might want to look at you tab widths… 8-10 characters wide

    make your
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    like this
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    to Read.


    M^3 (Matt)

    • Ted Ted says:

      Matt, the post looks fine on IE, Firefox, and Chrome. What browser are you using? I’ll point out the error you are experiencing to my web manager. And, best of luck replacing your Silver. They are out there. You just need to keep your ear to the ground.

      • MultimediaMan MultimediaMan says:


        • MultimediaMan MultimediaMan says:

          Had to switch to compatibility mode for it to display correctly.

        • sbcombo sbcombo says:

          Umm IE10 May not exist exist right now. I’ve only seen IE9. You may have a virus that poses as a product. Five years ago
          The same thing happens to me me on Microsoft word 2003. I see an add that said upgrade to word 2008 and I get it not knowing until having my computer checked for a virus. The man saw my desktop and said “that doesn’t exist.” So be careful.

  2. jrmoreau says:

    So funny you copped one of these. I still really want one. I gave my girlfriend a list of guns I wanted within a price range I felt comfortable asking for on my birthday. She got me the Webley Rebel .177 because it was the cheapest, but the Sheridan was on the list too. I should have been more specific haha. Although the Webley isn’t bad!

    Can’t wait for the video!

    • Ted Ted says:

      I have been wanting to review a solid MPP for a while. I was torn between the Webley and the 39x. I still think the Webley is a solid option, and enjoyed plinking with one last time I was in at AoA. But, it just doesn’t have that “solid as a crowbar” feel of the Sheridans.

      • jrmoreau says:

        I agree 100% about the Webley not feeling solid like a crowbar, however for a plastic stock, it’s pretty solid.

  3. Grouse says:

    I terrorized much of Alaska and Montana with mine. I would buy 5 boxes of the yellow 500 pack pellets at a time. Many a gopher, squirrel, or pigeon went to its grave with weeping and nashing of teeth…

  4. ejc1970 says:

    Nice find!
    Just bought a ” benjamin franklin” 317 and look forward to the long rebuild ahead.

  5. Bender Bender says:

    I always really liked how compact that rifle is, its a shame they arent going to make it in .20 caliber anymore.

  6. sbcombo sbcombo says:

    Nice find! I can’t wait to see the video of it. Say would a high fps 1.77 cal. bb gun do the trick for pest control on a small yard? An airgun is a bit out of my price range right now.

    • sbcombo sbcombo says:

      I mean pellet rifle

    • Bender Bender says:

      i wouldn’t use a bb gun. they have better penetration than a .177 of the same power, but they do little damage because the bbs dont expand. were you planning on buying a bb gun or using one you already have?

  7. jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

    The multi pumps eliminate many flaws other cheap guns might have (such as a bad pivot point of a break barrel) they have little recoil and are fun to tinker with. Which makes them a safe bet for a decent gun at an affordable price. My daisy 880 went from shotgun to sniper after I chopped and recrowned the barrel (I used $3 grinding points and a hand drill for that, and sandpaper) the great thing is if you break it you only waisted $40 and probably gained some knowledge along the way. The other cool thing is if you can shoot a $40 gun sub 1 in at 50yd with an 8lb trigger. When you finally get the chance to shoot a nicer gun, you’ll be a lot better of a shot than the owner of that gun :)

  8. scarecrow says:

    i picked up a newer 392 from the pawn shop new in the box for under $100,this is just about the perfect pump rifle,everyone should have one of these rifles in there closet.
    think of it as the Mauser,Enfield or mosen nagant of the air rifle world…built rock solid and able to take a butt load of abuse…might not be your prettiest air rifle but it may be your longest lasting,i call mine ‘the club’ because of it’s simplicity,truly great little air rifle.

  9. WastedJ says:

    Nice score Ted! I have a huge place in my heart for this gun as it was my first ‘real’ airgun. My dad gave me a silverstreak for my 8th birthday, boy was it a step up from my Red Rider, that was 20 years ago and it still works great! Makes me miss the old man for sure.

    • llamaboy13 says:

      Lol took me until my thirteenth, which was this year, to get my first

    • Ted Ted says:

      You got one on your 8th!! You lucky S.O.B. :) I had a Red Ryder when I was 8. I didn’t get my pumper until I was 10. The wait was excruciating.

  10. RetiredChief RetiredChief says:

    I have fond memories of these air rifles. Growing up, one of my friends had a blue streak. I loved shooting that rifle. About 6 months ago, I got a great deal on a Benjamin 392 on Amazon. It’s very accurate and a lot of fun to shoot.

  11. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Great! Been waiting for your thoughts and results on a scoped, old, Blue Streak…

    Still have “my brother’s” and want to scope it. Its a 1970’s model so nothing from Pyramyd will fit. I hear Mac1 has one that will fit…but, I cannot get an answer on their phone. Can anyone assist with ideas? I now have two Blue Streak’s…both older versions that don’t with the Air Venturi intermount. Will leave one open…and will scope the other.

  12. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Ok. Got through to a Crosman repair guy. Going to try the Crosman B272 mounts. Hope they work.

  13. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    My three issues to overcome with scope mounting a Sheridan. 1) Bolt throw. 2)Pumping is awkward. 3)Ease of loading pellet. I hear using the scout setup takes care of these…will need some thought for me to decide which to use. I’m just so dang curious how it will group with a scope I can’t stand it! And since I have an extra Blue Streak now…I gotta try it. Leave one stock and mod the other.

    • Ted Ted says:

      Yes, scoping the gun does have its drawbacks. But, the only one that applies to me is that loading it is a little more difficult. I grew up pumping all variable pneumatics differently than most other. I grab the gun at the pistol grip, not above the breech. This is the way I have always done it because it allowed me to take a faster follow up shot.

  14. lrg says:

    Hello, Ted!

    First of all, thank you and congratulations for the excellent job!

    I live in Brasil and in these lands isn’t easy to find good airguns (and when you find, it’s overpriced). Altough I guess I found one (Walther Dominator 1250 .22 cal), I didn’t see any good review about it on internet. No doubt that you’re the best reviewer concerning the issue. Finally: Is there any review of that rifle expected?

    Thank you, again, and sorry by the bad english.


  15. tmcmellon tmcmellon says:

    Now all you need is the cool old yellow plastic box with the cylindrical pellets!!

    • sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

      Roger that! Loved those ‘ole yellow Sheridan plastic boxes. Still check ebay once in a while for those…along with Slurpee Cups and Taylor tricycles. Classics!

  16. The Ceej says:

    I wanted to see what you think about a benjamin titan gp for starling/small game hunting. I don’t have as high a budget as you do:) and can’t afford anything over $150-$200. All I have used so far is a hand-me-down crosman 760 and a daisy 880. I haven’t been able to get anything accurate or powerful enough to take head shots on the resident starlings so I needed something that would fit the bill and get the job done.

  17. Ephimerous says:

    Hey Ted, I’m sure you know about this but thought it would interest you, you were mentioned on this video you might even know about it already, Cheers man talk to you later.

  18. tcharp says:

    My model 342 Benjamin has been with me over 40 years. I recently ruined it when gun cleaning solvent leaked inside. It dose not hold air any more. I can’t find any place to get it repaired. Dose any one know were it can be sent for repair or even better instuctions how I can do it myself and where to find parts to repair it.

  19. Lowndes says:

    Ted, (and everyone else trying to mount a scope on a Sheridan/Benjamin)

    I, too, had a Sheridan Silver Streak, 20 cal, long ago. Lost it to a burglery. Several years ago I found a 17 cal Benjamin 397PA on Craigslist (yes, they can sell “pellet guns”). I tried the small barrel clamp type mounts (3/8″) but they just didn’t work too well for several reasons. I the found the Air Venturi picatinny mount (<$40) and am very pleased with it. You can install the height rings you need for your scope and still clear the bolt throw and has plenty of room at the breach.

    I have tried all morning to attach a photo to show that but the IT recipe is way above me, but here is the link:

    A closer look is here:

    There is a shorter rail for pistols that looks like it would be a better fit than the long rail with this unit.

    These guns have several distinctive features, some good, some bad. The rifled barrel is made of bronze and brazed to the pump tube. This makes it very rigid and the brass does not rust/corrode with moisture condensation from the ambient air compression and condensation. It does however , wear much faster, especially with BB's. Even copper plated BB's will destroy the rifling very quickly in a steel barrel.

    I want to replace the forearm/pump handle with a longer and offset handle to make the pumping less awkward. I'll send a pic if I ever figure out how to attach one!!

    • Ted Ted says:

      Great looking mount! I’ll be adding a link to that thing when I finish the video. And, good observations re: the materials used to make the barrels and how different ammo can affect the longevity. My gun has “use lead pellets only” stamped on the breach. Thanks for the info!

  20. mikedoh says:

    I bought my Blue Streak in 1968 or 1969. $29.00. Still have it. On one of the rare occasions we were near a store that sold pellets for it in May of 1970, the guy at the gun counter wouldn’t sell them to me. Couldn’t understand it. Bought them there before. Came back armed with my mother. Still wouldn’t sell them. Police had asked all stores in the area not to sell any type of ammo because of the riots at Kent State.

  21. HenryA says:

    You’re spot on with the comment that the rifle wouldn’t be a “good fit to fulfill the expectations of today’s young shooters”.
    My neighbor has a gold-barreled blue streak for urban pest control. Very interesting rifle. I bought the circle mount online for about $30 and mounted some stock gamo scope on it for him. Im sure the scope didn’t do the gun justice because I found it to be very inaccurate, as you said in the blog post. Furthermore, the velocity seemed more than lacking and I was confident that the rifle wouldn’t fulfill his desired pest control abilities (downy woodpeckers and rabbits).
    That being said, Im looking forward to your review on the gun.

    Convince me to buy it from him!!!

    Also if you can be sure to include a controlled chronograph the gun it would be awesome. Keep it up man I’m loving the new site changes!

  22. vforce800 vforce800 says:

    Ted, I just picked up my first Sheridan too! I found a excellent condition .20 Blue Streak on c-list and when I saw it, I couldn’t believe the condition for a 1969 model. It’s same age as me and in way better condition I might add.

    It has a few handling marks which I think are paint from the previous owners walls. I don’t know how to get off without hurting the original finish but outside of that; I think it was shot maybe a few tins of pellets or less and then stored for 45 years.

    I shot it over my Chrony with Benjamin 14.3’s and got low 640’s with an average pump effort, if I pump it like a boss, I get low 650’s. I guess that’s OK, not really sure what it should be getting. I might have to get new seals or send it to MAC1 for a tune up.

    The accuracy has been excellent, it can hold less than 1 1/2 at 30 yards. 30 yards is 90 feet, so those squirrels are in range even in the tallest trees. I guess those brass barrels and receivers stand the test of time.

    The thing I appreciate the most is the outstanding craftsmanship. Solid walnut stock that’s slim and easy to grip and the metal trigger and trigger guard. That’s all but gone on modern air guns.

    It doesn’t have the range of my M-rod or EDgun, but it’s way easier to carry in the woods and you never run out of air and you don’t have to carry extra tanks and hoses. So if the range of the target is short; it’s fast becoming my go to rifle for critters in my garden and simpler tasks like that.

    I like it so much, I wish I had bought one sooner.. If there is a way to upload pics I will post a few.

  23. sharp-shinned sharp-shinned says:

    Mac1 Sheridan scope mount is on the way as well as Leapers Mil Dot scope. Gunna see what my 29 year old Blue Streak can do! Guess I better pick up a chrony too! Dang, this is fun!

  24. mughram says:

    Hi ted,

    congrats on your website :) keep it up

    i’m gonna talk about something else hehe :P i feel like you’re going to make a review of FX bullpup’s if you do please, test it for left-hand shooter do you recommand it or not! it would be great :)) thanks

    • Ted Ted says:

      You are darn right I’ll be reviewing the FX bullpups. I’ll keep the lefties under consideration (poor souls). :)

  25. narapart says:

    Hi Ted, I am a big fan of your youtube channel, thank you for doing that. Ted I am a novice in airguns and now busy selecting a set which would be good for both short 10M and long range 100+M pinpoint shorting. As to airgun I laid my eye on Weihrauch HW 100 T(or S) .22, FAC version (41J claimed). But now I stuck selection a good scope. At the moment I am into Hawke sidewinder series, namely Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 8-32×56, but is it a good model to combine with this gun and my purpose. But honestly I selected the biggest model (men thing probably), because I have no idea on how to select one and what is important. I certainly like illuminated 1/2 retticles I have that on my current Hawke Panorama EV non Ao version. Ted you did so much pest control head shots, please advice :-) I am sure the scope selection topic would be also very welcomed by your fans.

  26. ohioshooter ohioshooter says:

    Unfortunately my blue streak and my nephews silver streak lie at the bottom of the Dickinson bayou as the result of a canoe accident 29 years ago. My nephew tried to hang on to them both but considering he could barely swim with the guns being clothed for winter I told him to let them go. That was a hard thing to have to do but his life was more important . That was my first air gun and I miss her still today.

  27. rayteck says:

    Hey Ted Love your youtube vids.Bought a edgun 22 cal. and love it. Could you do a video on repair etc. on this new gun.Got some o-rings with it have no idea where they go and so forth.Keep up the good work, and keep hunting.

  28. Mitchell Thomas says:

    The 39x are so much fun. I just sent my dads old 312 off for resurrection by mach1. I have been shooting an new daisy 880 (all but the barrel is plastic), with a little tasco scope. I really enjoy keeping this in the trunk for plinking and pigeons. But honestly, the 312 is going to put around 12 ft lbs down range (exciting), it is a crowbar of a gun (so pleasant to hold), and it will have all of my dads childhood sweat and adventure lacquered all over it. I am going to get misty after taking doves with it this season.

    • Mitchell Thomas says:

      I so enjoy your work Ted, thanks for giving me something to look forward to. I have really enjoyed learning about ballistics with the 7 ft lbs daisy, and i have been truly challenged with the artillery hold in trying to master my dads SLR 98. So much fun, i love this stuff, and the learning just leads to more learning. I heard that gamo has been purchased by a american conglomerate, looks like the air industry is expected to grow considerably in the next 20 years. thanks for giving us new guys a good example and for being so entertaining. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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