Bahamas Spearfishing and Dolphin Chasing

My childhood was full of adventure, although I did not ever stray far from home. Exploring the farm (as well as the neighbor farms) showed me that there was a limitless supply of discoveries; you only needed to look.

So, it was no surprise that I did not see the ocean until I was 16. I did not fly in a plane until I was 26. And, I did not learn to freedive until I was 28. Today, I see the ocean several times per year, fly to dozens of tropical dive sites, and freedive/spearfish all year long.  I was content where I was, but not so content that I neglected new opportunities for adventure when they finally presented themselves.

The point: there is always something new to discover about yourself. For instance, I have discovered that I am very very slow at video editing. :) This is why it took me 9 months to complete this 3-part series.  Hahaha!  But, it is finally D-O-N-E. Now, it’s time to get back to Priority #1 – some sweet airgun action.

I hope you enjoy these 30+ minutes detailing my 10-day trip.  I the near future, you will see videos of me launching .30 pellets at pest birds, and putting my spin on the 2012 AoA Extreme Benchrest Competition. I will be at this year’s EBR, as well, and want to give you guys an idea of what to expect should you be able to make the trip.

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

This was a Fan-Tas-Tic trip. Huge thanks go out to Connor for inviting me to join him for the 9th time. Finding these dolphins can be serious work. It sometimes takes days of staring at the horizon. I would have given up on several occasions, but he would not (especially when he wakes up in the morning with “a good feeling.”) This video is the result of his tenacity.

I’d also like to thank Simon for tolerating my cheeky attitude for over a week in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for not killing me in my sleep, Simon! :)

Here are some links for you guys:

That polespear I used (Gat-Ku) can be found here:

The camera I used to film the majority of this video can be found here: Amazon Store

My Facebook Page:

History of the “Sopona”:

26 Responses to “Bahamas Spearfishing and Dolphin Chasing”

  1. jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

    Excellent videos Ted! as a new hunter who owes his interest in airguns to you I simply wanted to show appreciation for the amount of time you put in to making quality videos. As a surfer and waterman I’ve been itching to get out and do some spearfishing so this video on the training, technique and gear was very helpful! Can’t wait for more footage about that FX BOSS :) Thanks buddy

    • Ted Ted says:

      You’re very welcome. With your background in water sports, you’ll take strait to spearfishing. 80% of the skill required relates directly to how comfortable you are in the water. As a surfer, I’m sure you are more than used to gulp sea water from time to time. ;)

      • jmcgall1 jmcgall1 says:

        Just got back from vacation in Alaska. Your video and circumstance inspired me to go free diving in Ketchikan (very cold) It was awesome! Huge rockfish, flounder, and sea cumbers (i have yet to try one of those interesting looking buggers). I had no problems going to 30ft but beyond that my forehead hurt way too much so i definitely respect the depth you guys were diving to and the amount of time you spent in the water. I’m 19 in good shape but could only stay down maybe a min at a time. But that, like all things, will come with training and practice.

  2. ejc1970 says:

    Awesome video , good to see you back.

  3. aberry01 says:

    Thanks for all the time you put in with your videos. It’s always a nice surprise to see you posted a new one! Here’s looking forward to more pesting, hunting, unboxing, reviews and even spear fishing videos.

  4. rael says:

    That was really awesome. Thanks for putting it together. I know it’s a lot of work. Looking forward to whatever is next.

  5. mikedoh says:

    Always enjoy the show and jones for the next video.

  6. ben10 ben10 says:

    Eagerly awaiting some new airgun vids!
    Also – when do we get a “Ted’s Armoury” page on the website so we can see what guns and what set ups you use on them??
    The more detail the better.
    and maybe a frequently asked questions page?

    • Ted Ted says:

      Definitely need an FAQ! That is a great idea! Can’t really make an armory page, as it is always in flux. I swapped out three scopes and sold a gun just this week. Next week, I have two more guns arriving. My gun safe is a constant game of musical chairs. :)

      • ben10 ben10 says:

        No problem :D glad to help!
        shame about the armoury page! i would have loved to have read through it, even if you just updated it monthly ;)

        out of interest, which gun did you sell?

  7. Trey The Huntsman Trey The Huntsman says:

    This is totally unrelated, but a while back we had a little conversation on Facebook. It was the post that you hinted the Daystate Huntsman Classic to us. In the comments section you told me that if the video on the classic didn’t come out in time you would send one my way! I hope you remember saying this, because you promised me a new gun, Ted. :)
    P.S., please look it up on Facebook. I need supporters! hahahaha.

    Below is a copy-and-paste from our Facebook conversation (it’s still there if you look it up!).
    Trey Proper I’ll be looking forward to seeing a video on this if there is one… *cough* 8 months later…

    I particularly LOVE the huntsman classics. They are gorgeous.
    Like · Reply · 2 · April 8 at 3:57pm

    Ted’s HoldOver Hahaha! You are quite justified in your comment, Trey.
    But, the Huntsman review will roll out before May. If it doesn’t, I’ll buy you a Huntsman. You have witnesses!
    Unlike · 11 · April 8 at 4:18pm

    Seeing as the video didn’t, Mr. Bier owes me a precision rifle ;)

    • Ted Ted says:

      Trey, I remember that back-n-forth. I had the confidence to say it because the video was 90% finished. I only had to wrap it up and upload it. But then, my hard drive crashed and I had to spend hundreds of dollars getting it fixed so I could bring you guys that video. I was so disheartened by the whole ordeal that I almost walked away from the Huntsman vid, as well as the Bahamas project (which I lost at 80% completed, and had to start over from the beginning). Please don’t hold my head to the fire. You have taught me a valuable lesson about making offers that I can not fulfill – even in jest. The Huntsman was not mine to give away. It was a judgment error on my part, and a bad one at that. Ted.

      • Trey The Huntsman Trey The Huntsman says:

        I almost feel bad reminding you about it now. I just had to ask, juuuuuuust in case. I know you’ve got a family to take care of and just can’t throw out $1,000 whenever. Do you blame me for asking? :D

  8. Trey The Huntsman Trey The Huntsman says:

    Another side note – if any of you are interested in investigating my claims, it is the post about his ‘time trial’ shooting on Facebook. The one that displays the picture of him looking very sternly down the scope of the rifle in the range.

    • Trey Trey says:

      Ted, I’ve always wondered, are you an engineer? You have to be involved in that field somehow. You always speak of different unwanted forces on guns such as spring tension on the pellets as they go in and you even mentioned in one video that no matter how good of a gun you have, the accuracy all depends on the quality of the lead in the pellet. I’m a little over halfway done with my mechanical engineering degree right now and when I hear you talk in your videos I hear my fellow classmates and professors speaking. Just a guess!

  9. KDoll.25 says:

    Hey Ted, and other holdovers! I am a 17 year old kid, and I want to ask a couple questions to Ted. I have been watching your videos for about a year and a half now and I love air rifles and sharpshooting. I have been wanting to buy one for quite some time now, and I now work and pay for my bills and my car and whatnot. My parents have entrusted me with a lot of things now and I have shown to be very responsible with them. I finally decided upon a gun, (benjamin marauder .25 after your review and doing a lot of looking on forums) I have told my parents this and it will be my birthday soon and I asked if I could buy an airgun. My mother and father have both disagreed and they’re reasoning is because it’s unsafe and costs too much. I want to buy the gun and I tell them ill be very responsible and careful with it but they haven’t budged. This is very frustrating to me since I feel this would be a way to occupy some time by myself to think and have a good time. I ask you if you could offer any advice for me, anything helps.


    • Trey The Huntsman Trey The Huntsman says:

      Hey, bud. I’d recommend getting your hunting license. When taking the hunter’s safety course it teaches you SO much about firearm safety and how to make good decisions while hunting. After taking that you could show them how serious you are (it’s around $25-30). They may understand how serious you are then.

    • Ted Ted says:

      I agree with Trey 100%. Completing of a hunter safety course goes a long way to show your commitment to gun safety and responsible ownership. Seek out a safety course in your area. I took one when I was 14, and it created many good habits that I still use today. ted.

  10. KDoll.25 says:

    Thank you guys so much! And that was something I honestly hadn’t thought of doing! I appreciate the help, and regardless of if the gun is in the cards for me or not, ill be on here and still active! I appreciate the help!

  11. kenneth Abrahamsen says:

    Fantastic Videos Ted ;-)
    Love spearfishing myself, and next weekend i will go wreck driving
    To 15 meters. My speargun and i is just soooooo ready :-)
    Stil not Got a new airgun after my Diana 52 was stolen. Have been
    Looking for the fx revelution :-) Will you recoment that ?

  12. Daryll says:

    Great video! Don`t worry about the hours of editing, that usually takes a looong time! You have really improved your skills in this matter. Journalist speaking here!

  13. bowhunter07 bowhunter07 says:

    Great vids Ted. I really enjoy watching all your hunting expeditions with air rifles and your trips to the Bahamas. Your air rifle reviews helped with making my decision with the 25 cal marauder. I like all hunting in any way especially archery. Its very funny when the non hunters put comments on youtube. Keep doing what your doing!!!!

  14. BlueGhillie BlueGhillie says:

    Love these! I know they take time but I want you to know how much we enjoy them. There are lots of pov spearfishing videos on the net but almost none that give you the whole experience (travel, hunting, screwing around, cooking it, eating it!) – Good stuff, keep it up.

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